A 4 Trillion Dollar Reason Banks Prompt Global Warming

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Honestly speaking, I don't know what the world's gonna look like in the coming years, but I can fully conclude that it wouldn't be any better if we keep giving closed eyes and dead ears to the things happening around us.

Physically the world is changing, technology is cracking open, thousands of life changing innovations, and with these, soon, all most anticipated fantasies of humans, may likely play through.

I clashed into an article today titled "Bitcoin Dirty Little Secrets"

Originally I've not been ablr to spot the sourced version, but with quoted verses I've been able to crack a frown reading up foolishness portrayed for blinded humans to follow.

It's Not A Bitcoin Attack, It A Decentralized Finance Disruption!

Of recent, so many people have not realized the real motive behind the Fiat Shilling and Bitcoin attack. Cryptocurrency is just one of the best things the world has been offered, that is before we all get up there in the sky someday. We see most of Fiat Billionaires shilling it up, while trynna disrupt the movement of a better system. One of the most points of attack is bitcoin mining cost, energy consumed by computing devices runned by Bitcoin mining firms. No doubt, human lives come first, and clearly constant burning of fossil fuel is highly dangerous for the atmosphere and in turn human health.

Cost of living changes daily, people need do nothing but adapt to it, Fiat remains Fiat, status of man either remains stagnant or it retards instead of taking an uptrend to betterment.

I honestly careless of how much it costs for miners to process a transaction, I care less of how much energy is required to do so, I fuckin not give two fucks if it's killing me slowly or quickly, you know why? Well if it's killing me at least am dying RICH!

To us the non tech savvies, whatever we're told is what we believe, but on top of these advantages given to the world of knowledge, the ignorant ones are played open. Today I spent 200 naira on pork meat, of which I was only giving 4 tiny size pieces for that amount. I looked at it and flipped. I proceeded to tell the seller I could literally burn the naira currency if not that I wouldn't want my family to worry when I'd probably be in jail for doing so.

Fiat Has a Value Rounded To ZERO.

While most banks are slamming Bitcoin which in turn attacking the Cryptocurrency Industry as a whole, the so called Trade Currency of which they uphold dies out of value consistently. The Economic markets are becoming less fair and transparent daily, the Fiat activities are literally having zero watch mediums, goods and services, both private but mostly governmental sectors now determine the Value of country currencies, based on the intermarket activities they undergo for the benefits of themselves and nobody else…

Fiat was once a great introduction to the world, but it's no longer a proper means of trade. A clear focus on How currency worth divers in different countries is definitely a piss off. I recently got myself a new android device which Cost me about $172 if converted, obviously if I am buying this same product in America, am liable to either get it cheaper or much costlier, so you see that Fiat itself is worthless, though one dollar equals 380 naira in traditional markets, commodities are not influenced by this converting rates, rather, untold manipulations are there to twist cost of goods. But in a world where Each cryptocurrency has a real time value be it in Hell or Heaven, it's just Insane to watch Greed trynna pave away the gem to Financial ownership.

A 4 Trillion Dollar Reason Banks Prompt Global Warming

There's a saying that goes like this; "It takes a mad man to recognize a mad man"

Where there's money, a rich man would definitely spot it. There's absolutely no two words about it, the riches of the world is centralized, bodies set up for these finance management ain't backing down, though some have tend to partner in the revolution I still believe the world would be better off without them (Banks)

I recently read an article on decrypt.co focused on how much energy cost banks have funded over the time span of 2015 till date, and it's all round bigger than Crypto market cap in general, fuck the comparison though.


In this slightly difficult to read image, we see the names of several banks, largest in the world and just the amount funded into fossil fuels over the time of 2015 to 2021. JP Morgan leading the train, I'll just leave you to have a read by clicking here

Apparently the so called banks including "Banks of America" that have been slamming Bitcoin mining to be hazardous for the environment, has seemingly been a part of top fossil fuels funders thereby prompting global warming. We can admit that in a world as stupid as ours, in them are so many irrelevant companies, industries and firms, burning hell of these carbons, intoxicating the environment yet nobody is saying any shit about them, rather, residents are being paid in their worthless Fiat currencies to keep shut and die inhelling the carbons day in day out. Bitcoin mining if in any where affects the environment in a great percentage is liable to see its end, and what I mean by that is, as a store of value that it's becoming, the movement of the largest cryptocurrency asset will most likely reduce, as though no one would be willing to sell of in quantities when there actually know the worth of what they own. But on the contrary, Banks and their activities will never see a reduction in energy costs, most likely plotting to take the graph spike lines higher, in areas of jumping into the crypto trend itself which I feel the decentralized space is better off without these centralized bodies coming into our shits.

Banks need shutting down, we don't need the damn Fiat any longer, girls don't need gold lately even, we now have Bitcoin diggers and not gold diggers. So banks can as well sell off those golds and close up. It would be for the better, global warming will be controlled as though an hefty 4 Trillion funded fossil fuels burning will be eradicated.

No more Trust For these Slow Criminals.

Thanks for reading

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It's fucking disgusting and I'm tired of hearing people around me feeling guilty for leaving a switch on over night. I agree, we all have to do our bit to help out but there are multi-billion dollar corporations burning fuels for mass produced products that forever lie on shelves that then find their way down the line to create further pollution problems.

It's a joke and we're quite frankly in a state of hopelessness. Fuck them all.

Yea, Fuck them 🖕

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I wonder how much energy it costs to keep the printers running that are pumping out the stimulus checks and the insane amount of fiat that they are printing every day! It would be awesome to see a comparison between the energy costs of that versus crypto. How much fossil fuel does it take to transport said money from one location to another? I have a feeling the numbers wouldn't be as much in their favor as they are trying to paint them.

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True that, the system can never really expose themselves can they? Yet go about complaining of what they're all guilty of.

For sure! It is ridiculous!

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