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RE: Venture Capitalism to be Antiquated

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I disagree on multiple points. First of all, conventional companies are the most efficient organizational structure on earth — along with militaries. I don't know of any crypto ecosystem that can ship as fast as Facebook could when it had the same amount of users. Without delegating power to a leader, groups lack a coherent vision and will fail to get much done.

Right now most crypto products look like shit. Soon they wont. Once the bar raises, building a quality product for launch will require startup capital. This could look like a token pre-sale like we see a lot of, but what value do buyers bring other than money? Not much. Venture capital is smart money. They have experience operating a business and provide mentorship when your company is stuck. There will always be a market for smart money, and a lot of venture capitalists are great people that helped make the internet go from nothing to the behemoth it is today. And increasingly more of them seem interested in crypto.

Marc Andreessen made the first internet browser. Now he's a VC, and his firm announced is about to put $1 billion into crypto venture.

Are you in Cali?


The delegation of power, you are talking about speed we don't need fast decision we need circleminded ones, conventional companies maybe be the most efficent thing we have now but let me ask...are you afraid of what lies beyond?

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I agree with you. In the end, its up to owner of the idea. Ideas may worked both ways. Stakes can be dealt to people or hold by the company. Blockchain can go both ways, shared ownership of people, which would be problematic for an organizations and controlled ownership of the major skates by a company which holds the idea of the application or ecosystem. I think second would be less interesting but more organized and faster evolving.

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