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Just a quick post showing off the updates made to in the last week.

The homepage has been rearranged, putting the block explorer in the top left.


You can now log in with hive-keychain and save usernames to make future sessions faster.

You can claim outstanding rewards in your wallet


We have a notification system, with reload and a "clear all notifications" button that blocktrades should use.


The Hive Engine wallet page has been tidied up, and token info screens hidden behind the blue info icon

The post sidebars have been tidied up a little more, with a button to see full metadata, post short descriptions, beneficiaries, edited posts are linked to see edit history, displays for full powerup posts, rejected payouts etc.

In the sidebar of your posts, everyone gets a Hive tip button. If you save extra coin donation addresses in your profile it'll add them to this button.



You can vote/downvote posts, with warnings about posts past payout


The account metadata editor supports linking a bunch more services like leofinance, 3speak, nftshowroom, palnet, dbuzz, wordpress and pgp keys (fingerprints or permlinks)


It can makes your header look like this :


There's also a bunch of bug fixes, efficiency improvements and boring stuff most won't care about. See the full commit history on github for all the gory details.


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more #ausbit posts... I'm baffled!

good to see you showing off a little ;)

P.S.: but I can tell you're a bit out of practice, lol, I mean, I can read the title and type an address i to the browser... but for convenience... you know... where's that prominent all caps LINK TO HIVE.AUSBIT.DEV

 last month 

lol good point, I added some links :)

much better! ;)

I'm really glad you're open source, giving me one more thing to look at as I'm currently trying to nut out this front end shenanigans XD

looks like I have to learn a new stack as well as the usual shenanigans aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

 last month 

Haha Vue and Quasar are awesome though, once you get the hang of them you'll use them for everything :P You can do eet

You don't understand how much I haaaaaaaaaaaaate javascript XD

I don't even know what Quasar is I have so many tabs open right now see what happens when you completely ignore web development stuff for a while x_x

Yes I caaaaaaaan...eventually XD

Great post !! I like to do this in react.js . It's possible?

peakd built entirely on quasar i believe. It's really a brilliant tool.

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This is amazing and even more so that Brave has integrated IPFS so that you can use this with a direct ipfs:// link and host it on your own integrated IPFS node.

I've got the site up on the direct IPFS link but its not refreshing to the new version.
Any idea how to fix that on Brave?

 last month should always be the most recent version automatically

Thanks. That works.

Long time @ausbitbank. Good that I saw you here. I'm here just to visit and commenting and to see the latest changes. I can't post here anymore because one person used 2 to 3 accounts to down vote my post without any valid reason.

Anyway, you take care always buddy... Have a nice day and may God bless you and your family always. ☺️😇

 last month (edited)

Thanks :)
You're choosing to stop posting because someone flagged you for FIVE CENTS ? Weak .. They didn't even remove your earnings, just ignore them and do your thing or the terrorists win :P

This info make me happy

This is very nice pic

Nice info


This is another UI for hive?

Hey. I am an old friend. I'm wondering if you still do investigative journalism at all, perhaps on a different account? Or have you abandoned the cause?

 last month 

I still research, but I don't post a lot myself. Maybe you'd be interested in the deep dives community

I hope you don't mind me saying that I think you should get back to posting more often. We are in the midst of a war, one which will define the state of existence for those who come next. I remember you as someone who who can see clearer than most. We need everyone with eyes that can see and hearts that can feel, to have mouths that can speak right now. That is why I have returned, and why I will be checking out the link you provided.

Also - I hope you are doing well, my friend.

you're one of the cleverest people i know, and i know some pretty clever people

Hi @ausbitbank,

I noticed that are building out this site at a solid pace, can you tell me more about your plans for it?

  1. Is the current UI a model for what it will look like in the future, or is this just a frame?

  2. Are you going to be building it up full-time, or close to full-time?

I'd be interested in learning more and would also like to discuss it w/you via DM, if it is something you are going to be working on full-time.

 26 days ago 

Sure thing dm anytime. I plan to keep up close to full time work on it, and the ui is always evolving. I'd like to make a good modular base and experiment with this domain and once polished use it for with a different layout /theme and focus

I will DM you via Discord 😀

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