Update on crypto.com withdrawal fee (Apr 2021)

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Previously I was quite angry on crypto.com to have applied high withdrawal fee on many cryptos that I was interested to hold.

One example is ADA (Cardano) , prior to April 2021, the withdrawal fee is 10 ADA. If 1 ADA is $1. 10ADA is equals to USD$10. This is too crazy for small investor like me having few hundred dollars only ! Percentage transferring make it too not cost effective to move the fund.

This made my ADA stuck inside crypto.com unable to send out for higher interest earning as in Binance.com or some other exchange. Crypto.com offered as low as 1% for ADA only...

Lately I did a check again, and very surprise to find out ADA withdrawal in crypto.com had been lowered down !! it takes only 2 ADA for transfer !! So this is relatively still much higher than favourite BCH & Litecoin. But from $10 drop till $2 is still a very good news to me !

My idling ADA finally can send out to Binance for better working force- higher interest rate !

After recent months crypto price rally. I am so glad BCH & Litecoin still remain competitive in term of withdrawal fee !
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You can refer my previous post for details crypto.com withdrawal fee:

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Glad things have improved for you with CDC. I'm close to giving up with them. I've said the same thing over and over again in support for the last 3 days for a pretty simple problem. I'm not able to open a GBP wallet because the address page won't let me put in my post code correctly.

I've also been using the supercharger but am going to stop that since I don't earn enough to cover withdrawal fees.

I also checked on the staking requirements for the various coins I hold and only one of them was high enough to meet their minimum requirements.

They are simply not set up for the small investor. I should have done my research before I started using them though. Then at least I would have know about the fees.

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