Hive's Hard Fork 24 Causes Issues - What About HIVE's Price?

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The hard fork seems to have caused a boon of issues across the blockchain. At least the LEO team does it right by offering a banner to explain the issues and provide a warning to folks that their crypto is all safe and data is just delayed because of the fork.

I like to see these little innovations coming from the team. There's clearly more flexibility here in their display capabilities.


Will this hard fork have any impact on the HIVE price?

Probably not. This is just a maintenance fork to clean stuff up from the Steem days. HIVE hasn't been doing well lately. The market cap dipped below $50m recently and has been steadily declining since the original Hive HF.

I think the future is bright for Hive, but the interim might not be. We'll see where things land a couple months from now as the rest of crypto enters a major bull run.

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I honestly don't have much of a sense of where the Hive price might be heading, but I feel good about this fork establishing Hive as "its OWN chain," rather than just being — in essence — "Hive-Steem."

I think we'd all benefit from doing a little less "price watching" and instead focus on the more long term objective of building a thriving community!


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Same question have been harbouring in my mind. Any possibility that this HF would cause a Hive pump? That I don't know but closely watching..

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noo never

noo never

Stagnant as always.

What we're building here on LeoFinance is pretty cool and that's just one Hive community.

One day price will catch up, I'm sure.


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