TEST FLIGHT: Contest guess a Splinterlands gaming results and win $0.1 in BCH ( either wallet needed or I send DEC instead)

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I already posted this contest in Noise cash and it is about my Splinterland gaming results, but the participations are kind of pale, so I want to do it here.

Previous guesstimation contest and payment proof for a winner: https://noise.cash/post/19r84rpl


I pay directly from BCH wallet so you will need to leave me your BCH address. If you do not have it, either make one or I will send you DEC instead.

An each time I will post what you can get. For now it is payment in BCH, because I am paying that much in NoiseCash, but you can suggest some other way of rewarding or accept DEC.

This rewards are suppose to be daily, so expecting big rewards, at least for now is unrealistic.

What do you have to guess here??

Two questions:

  1. Which set will make me more DEC (money) - fire, water, nature, life, death or dragon?

You may choose just one and you can check my gaming history and card sets in my Splinterlands profile ( link in CoinTree and Rebrandly LIve feed page).

  1. and How many DEC will I approximately earn ( full number only , range like in between 10-10000 doesn't count)?

How to follow when or what I am doing??

I also made something else so you can see if contest is available and if I am currently even playing.

Live preview of gaming results available here:

I made page with simple file, a few widgets and IPFS hosting.

When page says contest available and game pending, that means there is another contest somewhere in my profile.
Previous battle results are visible in chart.
Proof of payment will be under a winning comment/s.
Results refresh when changed.
I start playing when I close contest on Rebrandly link and under my contest post.
I play until capture rate drops under 75% in my Splinterlands profile.
I share reward immediately after I am done and publish results nad new contest after that.

So, let's do this and see how it goes. All ideas are welcome.


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Good luck!

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ok , noted, wait... 400 DEC? Like in one day? well thats wonderful wish... thanks!!

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If you keep on grinding it's really possible! Sometimes you can get lucky and receive that many dark energy crystals from just a single loot chest!

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Water 210

Contest bidding closed now on
w/ 5 participants on noisecash, memocash and leofinance,no participants on blurt and whaleshares

Bids are ( sets/ DEC)
mrki444 dragon 15
chrismgm fire 1122
eirik water 400
haikalfahmi dragon 55
gregory-f water 210

Watch live results here: https://rebrand.ly/aschatria-splinterlands

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I don’t think I will have same result like today. Maybe rethink ?

ah i see, my first time i see Splinterland
thanks you i will rethink

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The nearest guess for earnings.
Do you want 125 DEC or $0.1 BCH, and where to send?

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thanks you, i think BCH is good
you can send to this address 32rUG9tDYwjY3jzx1J2d2efNSuFTgcNdX7

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