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If you are interested in censorship free websites but you are not an entirely crypto person, and you like microblogging websites such as the Twitter and alternatives, maybe a good idea is to try the FloteApp.

My first choice would be to suggest you trying Memocash(BCH) and dBuzz(HIVE), but if you find them too cumbersome for a start, the FloteApp is maybe better for you.

But, neither Memocash, dBuzz or Twitter have the option for paid featured content or monthly subscriptions. Memocash has only short text memos, and for images and videos we have to use other platforms. Both the Memocash and dBuzz are based on the public blockchain, so it would be quite of a meddling to install featured content.

Twitter on the other hand is going through something, they announced that the Periscope App will be discontinued next year March. Instead the content creators may use the Twitter Live.

FloteApp is unlike the Memocash centralized, but it is unlike Twitter censorship free, still the users are not allowed to perform a few basic no-nos - no spam, doxxing, sharing the malware, impersonation of public figures, or username squatting.

It has the installed marketplace option, uses BTC for monetization, and it is a successor of late BitBacker.

The marketplace option means that the content creator can utilized the Tiers monetization and sell monthly subscription to the audience.

Sales per item would also come handy, but they do not have it.At least not for now.

The interface is very clean and it runs fast. I would like they have the nightmode, but it is not the case. For that purpose I made my own css and hosted it on Userstyles.

Flote is not all hands up, because it is centralized, but I didn't see anyone complaining about them.

Here is the link on Quora discussion describing perks and benefits of the page:

One more perk I forgot to mention about it, is that there are a live streaming sessions. I don't have one but I can always see a few LIVE going on.

Thing I don't like on FloteApp is tipping/tiers based solely on BTC. It is not practical. Fees are way too high for tips and other crypto would be far more better solution.

Many people share their opinions and post things of interest there like on any other social media rather than using the monetization, but you are absolutely free to put any price you like onto your subscriptions.

In fact, there is a little to no monetized content over there and I think the reason to that are high fees. Taking this platform further and installing any other cryptocurrency or even the token payments would be far more receptive than the current option.

Cover Image Attribution Floteapp wallpaper by kananav

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