Prancing (on your nerves) - or how to create social media website dirt cheap

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Yup. The disgruntled mob has spoken. They do not want any freshly hatched websites crawling around...

Result of public vote on Reddit

I think you saw that Trump's son asked EM to make a free speech platform, because well obviously Twitter is garbage and somehow everybody who has a website hates Trump ( now when he is no longer a president lol).

I don't know how much cringe I feel only thinking what that social network would look like , I'm into blockchains, so unless it has keys and absolute anonymity , I really do not think I want it. Facebook CEO looks like he's reading my mail, this one looks like he's about to take a "dank" on it...

To be honest I am a bit disappointed, doesn't EM has that army of fans who will bomb spam attack you on any sight of slightest mutiny in this shit-lab? I guess they prefer the Twitter after all.

But, 25% would like to know how much will that thing cost, and a bit smaller percentage would signup - if that is an accepted general mind modus, still quite enough.

So... about that dirt cheap ..?

But, how much would it cost for me, you, anyone to make a social media website. Just to make it, host it and keep it running.

I looked around and I found a very simple website, where any lil nobody with zero brain and programming skills can have their social media website.

I am not talking about the blockchain and immutability and all that jazz, I am talking simple stuff here. Not everyone is into blockchain. But, maybe they are into tokens, or crypto, or stuff like that, the stuff you can organise with a simple website.

The website service is called and you can have a 500-member website for nothing.

If you want more, the pricing is following:

So, why not just make one.

I called mine Prancing (on your nerves) and it is situated just on this URL:

Isn't it a beauty. State of art.

Fix some basic stuff

Of course we have to make a logo, favicon, Open Graph image, set up tags and so on... we can change that in settings. No problemo!

We can make that with Canva and create a lovely little prancing logo and install it as our logo, favicon and Graph Image, directly in the settings, hassle free.

That is a cover image by the way...

There are other boxes in the Settings to be filled up. About page and social profiles. You can customise theme and so on, and so forth...

User experience...

But, what makes it all that special? Well... obviously... your members...

What would your members like?

First ask yourself - what would I like... well: social, fun, entertainment, crypto, blockchain, gaming... all the usual stuff I like on other places. Doesn't take a genius... it is just a website.

So, let's take a look what they have. They offer the website, maybe something nice is there.

Social login? Simple and fast signup, but also a very bad idea. Why?

Because your app could be blocked in any of them and your users will lose their signup. Or, their profiles might get banned, and again they will lose a signup. Don't do that. Keep it as simple as possible. Don't complicate it for yourself.

Google analytics? - OK, but personally I will not put it there. It might be helpful if you want to quantify something, but users will usually tell you what would they like to have, if it is relevant.

Virtual currency? Not bad. I like that. In general settings it says these are rewards for activity. Well not all that groovy. I invented some weirdo name for internal token, like pALPHA, and set it to be 1 DEC.

At the moment I have my mind set onto a Splinterlands, so we keep the testing token, to be that. I will also put a Coingecko price widget in the sidebar through the Advance Theme tab.

Will I share some DEC? WTH I know, well maybe, I already have contests...

Messages? OK. Who doesn't like some surprise-spam in their PM every now and then...

Ability to delete account - absolutely. If you wish to delete your content, you should be able to do it. I had opportunity to be in too many websites that doesn't offer absolutely anything, but will gladly keep all your content for nothing.

I think it is crap. If it is centralised, it can be removed. No "sorry we can't do that blah blah blah...".

Reputation and Groups were installed by default. Don't like. Removed.

I don't like too much splitting around in nuisances and reputation sounds like we are being graded or something, I just dislike the idea.

Topic creation - leave it to admin, you will make a complete mess if this is left allowed to everyone.

Topic tagging mandatory, it easier to find all content and user will never forget to tag anything in this way.


Now, the rest can stay as it is and finally I will go and tidy my profile, fix topics and some other interesting things.

This is a currently made front page.

Sorry, no nightmode, I was told it will not be appealing to have one.

So, what do you say about no brainer no hussle social website?

Does it have all stuff necessary? Yes. Enough space. Yes. Can roll? Absolutely. Will I use this thing. You can bet on it and there is free space for 499 people extra. Just enough op be obnoxious. Signups open.


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Lol nice one, I'm sure someone will spin this stuff into a social media and claim it is censorship it is the buzz word these days. Nice find though...

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I just made it 5 minutes ago, I have nobody to censor lol

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This is an amazing find :)
I think that it takes lots of efforts to create / maintain and develop a successful social media platform :)
Are you inviting people over at yours? Let me know so that I can join!

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