Make money ideas (opinion): social media links or email newsletters

in LeoFinance2 months ago

I can tell you by certainty, that even if you write really good newsletters, rarely anyone would go and read their mail... It is by the rule used just to verify websites, not exactly to read. In fact all of your effort will end up either in the spam folder or in the trash...

Then again, social media is much faster, more direct and you definitely could do something out of it, if you do it right.

You can organize either your followers under the certain topics and then inform them whenever you have something that they might like, or even directly message or mention people who you think might be interested.

Both things can be automated, so aside the initial scout work you will be able to run it on auto.

This can work for everything, selling stuff, improving traffic, getting new followers...

Don't forget to give them a whole package with your website and donation box... Cointree is perfect for this, you can take a look at it and visit a link at the end of my post.

If you prove to be successful in what you do, you could sell the same service to anyone else.


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