How to earn with animations or audio uploads

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I post these videos on a couple places and monetise with pages that give me that possibility. That doesn't mean that I will make a small fortune on every single one of them. I don't even post on them all, but I tried and it is rather easy.

Here is how.

YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Soundcloud... don't give anything, but have good filters ( aside Soundcloud that is audio only), they are popular - put in profile ( donations), there is also Hive Tip ( works on a few platforms) so peers can catch up w/ you and reward you there as well.

For YouTube monetisation, you have to have certain requirements covered. Number of subscribers ( 1000) and number of hours watched ( 6000) to apply.

Same goes for TikTok ( number of followers) and you can only earn by tips during live streaming.

Facebook pages can be as well monetized, but that is currently reserved for a few countries only as a testing stage.

The one that give rewards by upload are: LBRY, Appics, Creary, dTube ( needs tokens).

LBRY has it's own coin, LBC and it offers multiple ways to earn rewards and you can have multiple channels there.

Appics is a mobile app only and it has a token which you can withdraw it on Steem-Engine.

Creary has CREA, you need a seperate exchange to withdraw it in any other currency.

dTube has the integration with the STEEM, HIVE and it's own currency aside of it.

The second option is better, because you will get rewarded instantly from your uploads.

The one that indirectly reward when you make a post with a video: Hive, Blurt, Leofinance, Whaleshares, Publish0x, Cent, Noise (new), Readcash, Memocash, dBuzz, Torum (new), Minds ( premium), Twetch ( tips), golos and Smoke ( only on topic). ... etc

The third option is the best of them all and usually yields the most because your text when accompanied with media formats will definitely gather more attention.

So that is it. Also, for music there are the specialised websites, and @atomcollector might know more about that than me.

Thank you for>

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Great choice. I understand you perfectly, I think from all this Dtube is more promising, but you have forgotten - the best option

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Because I am not using that and for a long time I can’t login

Does @dsound still exist? I used to upload a little podcast to that application when it was on Steem. It rarely paid anything but I gave it a go regardless. I don’t recall seeing them on Hive at all.

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I did not find it either. but I found this:
I think they might be in maintenance or smth

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