Challenge: can you be on only a few websites?

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You know how I am really hard to be just in a few places, I love to be in every single one of them. Well, that is hard to do and especially now, so I will have to cut down some major stuff here...

You know, cut the net... stop knitting all that much ... lol

I don't know if you agree or you think like me, the more the merrier... I hope not.

I will even avoid platforms like Reddit or Twitter, unless it is for something I write about. I will completely avoid wasting time or even posting anything on them. It is not like I will put a lock on them, just not ... stuck reading all that nonsense.

Instead I will watch craft videos on Pinterest, 5-minutes crafts app and Tiktok. Yeah, TikTok learned what I like and now I am getting all the cool stuff there. Or go through the programming stuff, that is also useful and more entertaining than screaming into the void on Twitter or participating in the time waste on Reddit. Once again, if it is not something I need for any other reason but leissure...

Aside of my Discord, tools and a website, I split the time I can spend online on a few simple activities - both most lucrative and with the most feedback which I enjoy. All links are listed in my Cointree ( tree icon on the bottom of the text).

blogging - HIVE ( Leofinance, dPoll), Blurt
microblogging - Noise, dBuzz
gaming - Splinterlands
sales - Gumroad ( working on shop items)
questions/ donations/ homepage - CoinTree
videos - LBRY, YouTube

I will also look a bit into the Haven app and some airdrops if I have time left, which I doubt.

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