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RE: Thinking of HIVE Twitter Contribution Proposal

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Im wondering if we actually need to fund people, or just put the active/constructive/helpful twitter team on autovote with a few of the bigger accounts? Im happy to run the @hivelift account without being funded & am thrilled it is starting to br followed by non-Hive people.

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Getting funded vis DHF always a plus.

I myself lacked focus for last two months and recent HIVE price movements stopped many people contributing to our collective Twitter Movement.

For long term sustainability of HIVETwitter the funding is necessary. I myself incapable of woking in a group/team so I will have to focus on how I can individually bring long term value to HIVE and let my actions inspire others to do the same.

PS. HIVETwitter missing ThecallmeDan