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RE: Hive: A Flywheel Approach

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There are now 6.5 million El Salvadorans who can join Hive and earn and then convert to BTC and spend it directly on goods and services.

Is there a good way to send Hive directly to a Lightning wallet without BTC fees? @blocktrades this would be a great way to promote Hive.


That is true. The more people who are exposed to crypto, the greater the opportunities for Hive. We obviously are still building out some infrastructure but it is good to see. We will get people onboarding others if we can penetrate that country.

Hive as a transfer of value system is something that is completely overlooked.

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I'm going to look into what it takes for Lightning integration as soon as I have a free moment.

I've done a more detailed post setting out this Hive Lightning integration idea and other opportunities for Hive in El Salvador.

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