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RE: The Hive Engagement League πŸ†

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Have you ever considered correlating engagement with witness rank?

I don't see many witnesses on the list of top engagers at all.

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Perhaps time to do it again and a bit more regularly (once a month?)

Table of witness engagement is not even viewable on that old post.

The general feedback from witnesses was a bit, 'err, we're busy doing other stuff'. The 'public' quite liked it, but I got the impression (maybe I'm wrong) that it didn't interest the node runners too much.

I'll give it a guest appearance again at some point and see.

Well 3 years ago it was more difficult to run a witness and the place was not really decentralised. Witnesses then depended on a couple of big votes.

Now things are properly decentralised and HP is much more spread out.

I think people would like to see their elected representatives be active in engaging on the chain.

Fair points, thanks for the encouragement to give it another bash.

One issue I had was the witness account is sometimes not the same as the account/s doing the engagement.



But I can give it a go soon.