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RE: DEX Volume About To Blast To A Record High

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I'm still a novice when it comes to cryptocurency and its terms. In fact, this is my second comment on LeoFinance website after a year of being out of this platform. I never witnessed the breakout from steem as I'm told and it surprised me that LEO, the former steem-engine token I knew and actually bought a few. Had it been it reached some amount for upvoting, I would have become rich by now. However, my SPORTS stake was growing since I joined a voting trail then.

With what is happening here, I think I can comfortably restart my journey. I am a linguist by training and it seems cryptocurrency can help pay my bills.

here is my reintroduction on LeoFinance in case you may want to know more about me.

I may not be engaging here daily but would surely improve. I have been educated that to grow, I'll learn to talk to people via comment.

Good morning Sir.

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