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RE: Micro-Charges: The Future is Paying for Bandwidth.

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I can't imagine being charged for bandwidth. The competition is too strong and there are blockchain solutions without transaction fees. Any inflationary coin, can reward node-holders without directly charging individual people.
Nobody would mind a low fee for transactions specifically but bandwidth will probably drive people away.

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I was hoping someone would say this.

You are already paying for bandwidth.
Every Bitcoin/Ethereum fee is a bandwidth fee.
Even on Hive every transaction has a fee.
There is no such thing as a feeless crypto.

It will become much more obvious that this is the future when we start scaling it and the only way to do that is the charge users for the resources they consume.

I'm arguing far out of my depth here. I'm about a month into crypto.

But I feel like bandwidth and transactionfees are different.

For example SoRare and Gods Unchained are games based on NFTs saved on the ETH Network. (GU is on IMX now, though)
I would interpret paying for bandwidth as paying for every game you play and everytime you look at your card.

How about Coins like Nano? Do you think they will eventually have to pay a fee?

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