POSH Token Web is LIVE

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Every day @poshtoken announces the distribution of tokens to HIVE users who have successfully registered.

Then Hive users wonder where they can get information about the total number of Posh tokens registered users have gotten.

Thanks to @fbslo @acidyo for the cool updates. Currently, we can find out the posh token balance we have by visiting the Posh Token Website.

POSH Token Balances.png

We can see the entire balance of registered users on the website. Just click in the top of the right sign on "Earned Tokens" to see from bigger balances to the smallest amount and vice versa.

Have you checked your posh token balance, or have you not registered your Hive account to be connected to Twitter?

Overview of POSH Token

POSH is a project whose essence is cool. Users take advantage of engagement on social media in general to promote content on the Hive Blog.

Why should it be promoted on other social media? Isn't it enough just to post on the Hive Blog? The answer is that it is never enough.

I remember that in the past, the increase in my blog visits came from Twitter and Facebook. I snippet my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook, and link my blog there. Visitors become wider and more diverse.

We need not just visitors to our Hive blog, but more to Hive Awareness and onboarding users.

If the public increasingly sees links related to our posts on HIVE, it will increase the chances for them to be interested in HIVE, and or interested in the dapps that we share on the status on social media.

Initially, POSH aimed to get more curation than the @ocd program. So users have to post their Hive Blog link on Twitter, include the relevant tags, along with Hive and Posh. Then the user adds the link in the comments column of their post as "Proof of Sharing".

POSH has become a habit for users, including me. It feels great to be able to share my content on other social media. I hope that by sharing in such a way, there will be many people who enjoy my content and increase the value of my content. I am very happy if my content can be read by many people, especially random people from other social media.

The Value of Posh Token

POSH Anggrek Lestari.png
The latest screenshot today, My POSH token balance.

We cannot talk about the value of the posh token in terms of "price". The POSH team update hasn't discussed this and we are still waiting and hoping for the best.

The true value of the POSH Token is how we can bring the content we post, or other people's content to reach more users outside of the HIVE itself. So the more random people are interested in our posts, it will increase the chance for them to visit the HIVE and find out what the HIVE platform is.

The basic concept of the value of the POSH Token is almost similar to the ENGAGEMENT token to appreciate the interactions that HIVE users make in other people's posts.

POSH Token is a form of reward for users who have taken HIVE posts to the next level, promoted, attracted interaction, on social media in general (Currently the service only works on Twitter).

Users will receive a POSH Token every day based on the number of interactions on Tweets which include HIVE / PEAKD / LEOFINANCE posting links.

Even though at this time we see the POSH Token balances that we have only as numerical data, in my opinion, it has its pride. How can we as users get this data from our interactions on Twitter regarding our HIVE blog posts.

If the user is not a registered user on the POSH Token service, but they also post a link from the HIVE post, then the token they earn will automatically be sent to @null. Oh, stop makes NULL rich. LOL.


The links below will help you find more complete information regarding POSH including how to register your account so you can earn POSH Tokens every day.

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Today's morning, I read the post of @acidyo about POSH token web is live and Registeration to posh.
And then, I registered with HIVE and Twitter user name in that posh web.
But, yet now, I don't get Verified comment or message from POSH.
Am I just waiting?

Thank for your sharing.

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I think you have to try it again until posh bot comment on your blog that your account is successful registered

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i read the initial post as well! let's see how this will go

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Imagine if Posh token has a price in the market 😍

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Posh is great and i hope they stay alive for a long time. In the past there was nearly the same idea with share2steem. There you could share your post to Instagram and Facebook but i think they got problems with them and they deleted this cool idea very fast.

I was on a S2S team, unfortunately, the leader/project founder just gone without anyone can contact him.

But on S2S project, it was about making post thru our p on social media like Twitter and Instagram. So it more seems to spam 😁

Posh is better because the service does not bother our main hive blog.

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I have registered in past through comment command.
I have not much stake may be because I am posting on Twitter leas.. this is time now to increase the activity...