Discount VS Airdrop

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The word discount is quite simple, easy to read but strong in memory. It's like a magic word that makes us unconscious.

We? Oops, maybe I'm the one who is more tempted by this discount. How about you?

Airdrop is More Attractive Than Discount

I began to realize that the discount was no more attractive than an airdrop.

I'm here to talk about discounts that often unconsciously spend our money.

But then discussing airdrop is also fun.

Discounts and airdrops both have their charm. Discounts and airdrops have their respective requirements that can benefit some parties.

Airdrop can be our means to invest further. What about discounted items? I'm not sure of that. Discounts on fashion or household appliances that get the most attention and are not necessarily what buyers need.


Focus on What Is Needed Right Now

Since getting to know crypto and putting my money away to invest, I have seen discounts as a different thing.

So far, I don't need discount items.

Items that I bought for half the price I could buy cheaply elsewhere, albeit with a slightly different quality.

A half-price cut to buyers sounds lucrative. When else will you get such a big discount? Buyers are in a rush to buy even after they have been purchased they don't need them.

So to use money wisely when there is a lot of discount time, really think about what we need. Just like coins, so it is with every discount that is not always ours. Not everything we have to buy.

It will be useless if you buy a discounted item but then you don't need it. Focus on what is needed, look for quality ones, and try to live a minimalist.

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What an interesting perspective on currency. To get things on sale is to invest in assets that appreciate now so in the future what you want to purchase is technically at a discount. lol. Cool.

Agreed! Invest now, enjoy later.

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Hmmm... well I think discounts aren't really discounts but a bait for people to buy it at market price. It's like telling people an item is worth x inflated price when it's actually worth less than that and you're selling it as a bargain when it's not kind of illusion. You didn't save a few cents from that 5$ dollar bargain, you spent 5$ for that bargain, that's a mental example on how I'd put it. As for airdrops, these feel more like a buy 1 take 1 purchase. It just gives me a similar feels for discounted price but a different label.

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That's why I realized I could get a cheaper price for the same item on the other spot even with a slightly different quality but it didn't matter.
The discount isn't a discount and they still have a big profit on it. The "oh it's profitable because they cut the price in half" mindset is the temptation. The original price they listed was deliberately made higher.

About airdrop, we must pay attention to this. Whether the token is given will be of any use to us. Sometimes users are so excited about trying to add more tokens that are held to get more airdrops. but then people don't realize that the price will be higher, and it is not certain that the price of the token will then be more expensive when selling. This is for some cases of airdrops from projects that look promising but aren't really. It all comes down to our decision

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Yeah I hear you, I'd usually check the value behind the token first before committing into it. Like viewing the tribes backing a certain token before buying more for hodling. Never give it in to fomo is the strategy. :D

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You can't compare the two in my opinion, as are totally different things.

Airdrop is something given to you based on what you're holding. Getting an airdrop is not your choice. Discount is an option you can use if you want to as no one is forcing you. Totally different things and can't be compared in my opinion.

I'm here to talk about discounts that often unconsciously spend our money.

I totally disagree. Discounts don't spend your money, you do.

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Yup you can disagree with me. :)

I won't totally compare those things. I just talk them in one moment.

About airdrop, indeed that's based what we hold, but sometimes user have to buy more and more to get more airdrop. Then, not every airdrop we get, having decent price later. This way can be spend user money.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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but sometimes user have to buy more and more to get more airdrop.

No one is forcing them to do so, that's their decision and they are going to wear the consequences of their actions.

Then, not every airdrop we get, having decent price later.

What's happened to being grateful for what you get for free?

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Hahaha you definitely look so stunning right now. Guess you're using your money really wisely.

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When I want buy discount things, I always remember: better to invest my money into Hive or LEO and ETH 🤣🤣🤣

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That is probably the best place one can put their money in. Hopefully we see a bull run soon.

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waiting for the leofinance airdrops!!

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Sorry I just don't get what the point of the post is as you cannot compare them.

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It will be useless if you buy a discounted item but then you don't need it

This is my opinion on the subject as well. All that matters is necessity. Focus on what you need to reach your goals, and if you encounter a discount on the way to that goal, that's a nice bonus.

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Seems like everything is based on wording sometimes... "New look... same great taste". Just because an item is on sale, doesn't mean you need it right? But if you do need something, for sure check to see where the best deal is.

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Both the topics are different.... but I must say I love airdrops....

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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