NFTs Explained

NFTs Explained:

So even as a crypto veteran, a broke crypto veteran but a veteran nonetheless, the concept of NFTs and their potential impact still escape me at times. So a little reeducation every once in a while comes in handy, specially if from a normie for normies.

In my opinion he did a pretty good job. You tell me.

Something extra, a little reminder of what blockchain is.

I like the fact that even though he brings up the fact now it's mostly hype, but the technology is here to stay and to only get better through all the booms and busts.

Another point he brings up concerning NFT is; how operating them on the Ethereum chain burns a lot of heat, too much heat. How true that it is I don't know, I just had to mention it since nobody ever seems to mention Hive when alluding to all the things it can do. But hey, maybe one day, hopefully soon!



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