Money's History, Bitcoin, and the Digital Yuan


As crypto fanatics I'm sure we've heard it all before. What's bitcoin/crypto, why they exist, the evolution of money, etc.

Still, Jake Tran manages to paint the big picture in much simpler terms and fun ways like very few can.

The Monetary System's History, The Current Status, and More.

His approach to discussing our ecosystem in the video is from China's perspective. It's role as a monetary pioneer, a constant innovator and educator, and sadly now, the one attempting to undermine it's inevitable revolution.

It won't be easy for them though, having not only to deal with the crypto/blockchain advent, but also it's rival, the U.S, and insiders who keep gaining more influence and power than the CCP would like them to.

It almost reads like an epic trilogy if I do say so myself, and we're almost at the final climax, the last brouhaha!(God I love that word.)

Anywho, enjoy the video, have a blessed day and;