We are in the middle of a digital war

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The question we must ask ourselves is:
As members of the hive platform, what are we willing to do?

We are in a crucial time to achieve great things.

I'm a bit confused and I would like this post to be a place of arguments where we can learn and get up to speed on things.

As far as I understand jack, (from twitter) he professes free participation in the networks, and also the passion for bitcoin, the standard currency that has opened the door of crypto to many.

What is not clear to me are his words in the attached tweet.

A few last words:
I think we could exploit this kind of news, because they have a lot of connection with people.
tired of not having total freedom of expression?
worried that at any moment the ban will come for expressing yourself?
Well, we have a possible solution, but we need your support and participation.

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