Changes on Sportstalksocial - How will this affect the community?

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The community voted to adopt the Archnon governance system. This system allows new ideas and suggestions to get funding from the community itself and the thought is this will spike the interest in building stuff for the comunity. Sportstalk has been in a downtrend for a while, even though it's one of the biggest community in the Hive universe, and it has been because the lack of action within the community. When the token-price started to fall, the not so invested in the project left.

New enthusiasm is brewing

If we look at the charts from Alexa we can clearly see that people are returning to the STS-frontend and I guess it's because the new efforts from the entire community. We now have accepted 2 proposals, one will fund a Hive-engine witness from the sports community and will help decentralize the governance and make a mark that Sports actually are present as well.
The second suggestion is about the new ad-program that will replace the old one and hopefully will bring some additional sports of the market, since some of te money will be use to buyback.
Looking forward to see what other proposals will come, I know that some proposal for a tax for non-native post will come in the future.

Then we also have @amr008 who has built several tools, but one is more important for STS. Not sure what's it's called, but will call it the "Engagement Program" and this tool aims to reward increased engagement for several tribes, that includes Sportstalk. With this in place we now have several incentives to use the Sportstalk frontend and maybe the most important thing is that this has started to spread optimism around the community and attract people back.

What else in 2021?

I hope to see a rewamp of the front-end of Sportstalksocial to make it better for our communities needs. If we will continue to see development I have strong believes that the token price will start to reflect that as well. Sports is one of the cheapest token right now on H-E and it's cheap if a big player wants to buy in and become a whale.


To buy 10 million sport would today cost around 3000-4000k Hive, and then you would become top 20 account.
I'm looking forward to see what will continue happening in 2021 in the Sports community.

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I like the new engagement incentives and it should help the front-ends of each tribe to have more activity.

Hoppefully it does :)