HTS tool update - EDS added - EDS has 48% APR?

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Good morning to everyone , yet another day yet another update to .

I won't go in detail about EDS token except -


I have complete payouts ( which isn't difficult since it pays only in HIVE and weekly payouts ) unlike BRO , INDEX , DHEDGE . Those 3 tokens data is displayed on the tool only from Jan 1 2021 .


The above is for @taskmaster4450 account.

The data gathering is faster when compared to other 3 tokens becaues of less number of payouts and no conversion to HIVE is necessary .

APR 48% ?


If you check the APR for EDS and the APR based on recent payout ( yesterday ) you can see that APR is staggering 48% . I was wondering if I made a mistake while calculating APR but no the thing is somebody just sold EDS for 0.3 HIVE :(


Since the APR calculation is based on last price on HE market it gives him high APR.

The buyer is lucky and yes it will give him APR of 48% indeed.

Otherwise too , it gives more than 14% APR right now which is good :)

Note : Since most of the users have bought EDS at 1 Hive I have added APR at 1 Hive separately too

What's next ?

  • I received suggestion to add Dcity payouts into this
  • Addition of SPI .
  • But before I go for above mentioned tokens , I would like to release another 2 projects which I am working on right now . So I will finish them and release them first , then hop on to Dcity and SPI .

Thank you for your time :) Do you hold EDS ? Let me know in the comments .

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Looks like some people really don't like EDS very much, when they are selling it this cheap.

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I know :) lucky are those who got it at 0.3 HIVE .

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