Powered up to 6000

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It's been a long time coming but finally, I have reached 6000 HP and wanted to post a little something to mark the occasion. I probably would have hit that mark much faster but I have decided to play a bit in the Hive Engine and use some of my post rewards to support and invest in some of the exciting projects there.


From the moment I heard of Leo, I knew that it would be something quite interesting for Hive and have been slowly increasing my stake and buying a few miners along the way. The podcast has been a wealth of knowledge. Although this whole Wrapped Leo thing is above my head, as I see the price increase I am beginning to think I am the best investor in the world and should really start doing my own investing advice posts .

I came to Steem/ Hive with nothing and little knowledge of crypto. It has been a rocky road but I've learned so much. Most of my time is spent the art pages as it is somewhere I know most about to curate but I read about many other things and think I have gained some great knowledge about how this whole crypto thing works. Now three years in. I have a growing crypto wallet, all from you kind people So, thank you. With the power of Hivetokens like Leo, I see the possibility of even growing faster. I have 1000 staked and that ain't going nowhere.

Powering up

Hive has been good to me and as continue my powering up it is so cool to know that I can do a bit to help support others as they play out their crypto story. 6000 is a drop in some peoples bucket but for me, it gives me is a big sense of pride.

Onward and upwards. We shall resume normal posts about sculpture in the next day or two

Here is a picture of how I earned my crypto.

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6000 is huge that’s more than a dolphins worth in one power up! Keep up the stacking the way things are going here and in the outside finance world it’s all starting to make things very bullish for us who seem to be taking a risk in something new

Having Leo and hive now to earn double income hopefully other tokens follow too abd the potential upside will be huge for those who power up

Cheers man, It is great to see so many parts of the ecosystem starting to bere fruit. I'll be continuing powering up all I can and for me the best thing is that I've found a great place to use what brain power I have to add value to my life both through my posts and hopefully one day through my wallet.

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Yay for 6k! That's a lot XD

So you earned your crypto by holding a shiny light up mouse? :D

I am so happy to see my account growing slowly but surely. Hopefully, I can get more energy to post more during the winter months and accelerate my growth.
It was all done with my trusty mouse and a little help from my keyboard.

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Congrats! It's quite a number!