No More Weekend Cheers in Moscow?


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##Russia braces for 2nd wave of covid19
The cases of corona virus in russia see no slowing down

The Covid cases race away

As the number of corona virus cases increase in Russia's Moscow at an alarming rate.
Consequently there is serious consideration about closing down of bars and clubs in this happening city.
In 24 hours time there have been 12126 new case of covid 19

Cases keep piling up

Amidst the increasing numbers the cases have reached 1272238.
Prior to this a maximum of 11,656 cases were recorded on 11th may 2020. This was in the days of the lockdown.

People stay indoors and effort on economy

It is recommended that people stay home at weekends however this would means the sales and activities of weekends would be hit and so would the financial well beings of businesses.

No decision yet

Though no decision has been made to impose the ban however in case the number of cases cannot be controlled more stringent rules may have to be implemented.

Like so many economies around the world there is a conflict of interest between opening up the economy to let people work and earn on one hand and implementing lockdown to keep people safe.

Both these steps have a trade off and governments need to strike a balance between these two steps.

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