Did I just see leo getting more expensive than Hive?

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Rub Rub Rub

Let me rub my eyes and check the price again

If I go by the charts then I can clearly see the price of Leo was at one point at a high point and that high point was
1 Leo = 1.099990
That means the price of LEO token surpassed the price of Hive!


Well this is not a mean feat. Though this is not the end of the story either.
This means the layer two tokens which also represent the tribes and communities are finding a universe of their own.

This decoupling can be a good sign of things to come.
Specially so in case of Leo tokens and the leo community which is experiencing the Leo token being mapped to ETH
This sure us a path that would take LEO token and the entire blockchain to the moon.

The journey to the moon

This journey would not be just in terms of price but also a journey of an actual use case discovering its true worth under the crypto Sun.

Enjoy the rode

Work hard and play harder. There is still a lot of work we as community need to do to promote the project and do our bit to increase the liquidity pool.
A discussion I leave for another post.


Thanks for your support @kenny-crane

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It is an ambitious project, surely its price will escalate more, great article

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Thanks for the support @deflacion
agree with you it is an ambitious project and moving along the right path.

Exciting time for LEO!

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Yes absolutely and good times for all those who own Leo and are willing to invest in the liquidity pool

Didn’t realize that but ya! Leo is one good project and people are putting attention on crypto more than before.

You are right bang on and Leo also shows the way for any tribe token that has a use case to follow the example and emulate. Wrap it on to Eth and bring more investors on board.

Ya, I like the idea!

did you just see hive hit its ATL?

In terms of USD it was All Time Low was $0.086943 USD
that was on April 6 2020

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I see and support the big idea behind taking Leo to the outside world.
I feel we as a community should do our bit to take this project further.
Sharing it on twitter and trying to promote a real business case for investment

Pretty crazy times! I think a few whales enjoyed the new LEO Landing Page :)

I'm excited to see what happens next week after we launch wLEO officially.

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Pretty crazy times!

I guess the ride has just begun

would like to support and promote our community and spread the word about providing liquidity
can we connect on discord?

Thanks for supporting @leo.voter

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