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RE: Will you buy $10 of Hive with me?

in LeoFinance3 months ago (edited)

Hi, @themarkymark I wanted to covert more steem and I sent 2000 to for 3 hours but I haven't get in Hive until now do you know why?
Thanks for your Answer!


My 500 STEEM to HIVE xfer went through almost instantly. Do you have screenshots of the transfers?

Yes I had a screenshot, but now everything is ok, maybe is a limit per transaction, Thank you very much!

Or just steem node showing middle finger ;) hive nodes are much more reliable...

I can see you got a refund, I'm guessing they didn't have the liquidity.
I see they have over 4000 Hive right now, so maybe try it again.

Try with 500 first if you want, and see what happens. I am not sure if there is a limit per transaction. I never did over 500 or so myself, but I have used it a lot without issue.

I see now that I have got back, maybe is a limit I will try just continue with 500. Thanks a lot for your quick answer!