Project Update | Thanks to @enrique89 for the Delegation Bot & +20% APR to Delegators this Week!

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Yo! @eddiespino from the @aliento Project here. I'm so happy because we finally have a transfer bot for the delegators, and from now on, I'm going to save a LOT of time. I used to do this manually each week, and it was a growing pain in the butt. Some weeks ago, I talked with a friend and told him my dilemma, and he offered to help me. My friend @enrique89 is such a nice guy, and he is a genius!


His primary skills are not in coding, but he managed to this and relatively fast. I was not 100% sure it could work, but Enrique already had some experience building bots. I'm not a coder, but I understand part of the logic. I know that @OCD and other projects that used to be bid bots use javascript for the code. The exciting part of the bot that Enrique built is that he used Python to manage the bot through Discord.


Enrique found some clever solutions for the problems that the bot was facing. Yesterday we started making some tests in a private Discord server that we created. He taught me how to set up the bot. I created an account called and delegated some HIVE power.

These are the delegators that got rewarded this week:

DelegatorHP Delegated% of Participation$HIVE EarnedDelegation began in:
@stoicoin1549423.2363.65Apr 01 2021
@therealyme1220718.350.14Apr 07 2021
@uwelang1004315.0641.27Feb 24 2021
@empoderat1002815.0341.18Mar 12 2021
@theycallmedan30114.5112.36Mar 02 2021
@repollo25873.8810.63Apr 14 2021
@khaleelkazi25253.7910.38Dec 24 2020
@netaterra12031.84.93Mar 17 2021
@traciyork11231.684.6Dec 14 2020
@neuerko10061.514.14Feb 01 2021
@primersion10081.514.14Jan 18 2021
@jongolson10081.514.14Jan 17 2021
@priyanarc8031.23.29Feb 25 2021
@preparedwombat5040.762.08Jan 17 2021
@hivetrending5040.762.08Jan 17 2021
@gr33nm4ster5020.752.06Feb 25 2021
@faffy5020.752.06Feb 19 2021
@taitux3500.521.42Mar 29 2021
@marpolaris3300.491.34Mar 04 2021
@fmbs253020.451.23Feb 09 2021
@jonsnow19832210.330.9Feb 24 2021
@elizabeths142010.30.82Mar 15 2021
@mtzrene2010.30.82Mar 06 2021
@evagavilan22020.30.82Jan 17 2021
@pacoandujar1230.180.49Mar 04 2021
@daniel20011000.150.41Apr 13 2021
@actioncats1000.150.41Apr 02 2021
@garybilbao1000.150.41Mar 30 2021
@marybellrg1010.150.41Jan 28 2021
@yonnathang1010.150.41Jan 19 2021
@ricardo993560.080.22Apr 10 2021
@cronicasdelcesar500.070.19Apr 05 2021
@mariale07500.070.19Dec 25 2020

Note: It's not the same $HIVE amounts that you will see in the screenshots below because I took the information at a different time.

We made a live test, we distributed 0.010 HIVE to every delegator:


It worked!

Then it was time for the real thing:


And it worked again!

It was a fantastic feeling! This bot will save us a lot of time, and we also noticed that the rewards when up, also because this week's APR was a little over 23%, not bad. Now I'm more confident in finding new delegators. Before, I felt a burden every time I got a new delegator, and more if the delegation was small, now I don't care.


Here are some details in case you want to delegate to this project.

  • We share 85% of what we earn in curation. As mentioned before, this week, our APR was over 23%, so the APR for the delegators was over 20%. I can´t guarantee this all weeks, but I've seen similar numbers before.
  • To receive rewards, you have to delegate at least 50 HivePower.
  • You'll start receiving your weekly rewards after the first seven days.
  • We send the rewards (now with the help of the bot) every Wednesday around 17:00 UTC.
  • Rewards may vary each week.

Thank you, @enrique89, for helping me with this excellent bot! 100% of these rewards will go your way!


@Aliento Project - By @eddiespino and @grisvisa

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No sé que hice en el código, pero cumple con la función requerida lol, me alegra mucho ayudar al proyecto aliento - lo está haciendo muy bien - espero que muchas personas se sumen a esto del DEFI DPOS.

Hive to da moon! Soon...

La verdad quedó muy bien, estamos muy felices con este bot.

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El apoyo a las grandes causas y proyectos siempre ha estado en mi idea de lo correcto.
Os auguro un gran éxito con esta nueva implementación.
Un fuerte abrazo, equipo !!

¡Muchas gracias @stoicoin! Tu apoyo ha sido muy bueno para el proyecto. Seguiremos creciendo. Saludos.

Hi, I'm interested in this, who and how can I delegate my HP?

There are several ways to delegate. This posts is in Spanish, but maybe with the images you can have some ideas:

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So I just need to delegate my HP?

Yes you can delegate any amount (above 50) of HP to @aliento. Thank you.

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Eso suena muy bien! Me alegra formar parte de este proyecto. Un bot para realizar esa actividad te debe facilitar muchos las cosas y dejarte mas margen de tiempo para otras cosas.
El proyecto esta tomando fuerza 💪

Sí! Estamos felices porque este bot nos está ayudando a ahorrar mucho tiempo!

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Felicidades por ese logro, es espectacular cuando las cosas se pueden hacer automáticamente. Gran trabajo @enrique89 y @aliento :-) Me sumaré con una delegación también.

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Muchas gracias por el apoyo @samgiset! Y sí @enrique89 ha hecho un gran trabajo.

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@enrique89 Hola, de casualidad el bot que hiciste en Python es OpenSource? Eso ayudaría en futuras aplicaciones de todo tipo. Hace tiempo estaba trabajando en un bot para las notificaciones igual en Python pero lo dejé en espera, pero esto me motiva a seguir trabajando en ello. Saludos.

Hola @cronicasdelcesar! Enrique me comentó que una vez que el código esté auditado se podrá hacer Open Source para que otros lo adapten. Saludos.

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Muchas gracias por el comentario

Wow this sounds great. Having your hands freed up gives you more time to do other things. Plus seeing a project working out brings great satisfaction.Congratulations.

Thank you for your comment! Yes we were very happy that it all worked out ok.

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Excelente!! Enrique es el genio de la PNL y de las computadoras! 😂 Yo también me sumo a la delegación! 👍

Sí Enrique es un genio, gracias por el apoyo!

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me alegro contribuir y ser parte de este proyecto

Y a nosotros nos alegra tenerte en el proyecto. Saludos.

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Hola, Eddie, ¿cómo estás?, para delegarte ¿simplemente lo hago o te notifico? Aunque la blockchain te va a notificar, jajaja, pero quiero saber si sólo hay que hacerlo y ya, o hay algún otro paso.

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