Tips needed on other crypto social media platforms

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I was brainstorming this days, on how to efficient use my time, also by enlarging the network and bringing more people in to this platform. The best case would be cross posting between the various platforms that are around with direct reference and that it was posted first in here. Like this, we get much more links and much more free publicity.

I want this post to be a more interactive one, where, in the comment sections, the different platforms can be discussed, analysed and where tips are shared for a better and quality driven growth.

At the moment I use publish0x and Torum, both very interesting platforms, with a lot of users that have a potential of growth.

I will analyse both of them in the next paragraphs.

On publish0x, I was introduced by @acesontop, thanks for that buddy!

publish0x, is a platform, that is not a real blockchain, but has payouts in crypto, coming from the add revenues displayed on the site. This are not so big, as mostly I do a couple of cents a post.

publish0x has a fair number of active users, that like to tip (vote), as they get their fair amount of curation. I mostly leave it at 80%/20%, 20% for myself. Here if you have different views or optimization suggestions please share them.

The potential of publish0x is in their members and the way the revenue is distributed. Also it is a good way to attract people to other platforms.

Torum is relatively new to me and here I was introduced by @katerinaramm. Thank you for the tip.

The Torum, has also a lot of potential, even if I still find it very chaotic. What I like, is that there is a vibrant and active community, as on, where the founders are real active, greeting the newcomers and listening to feedback.

It still does not have the big number of users, but has the potential to grow. Also people there are interested in joining other platforms, as far I've seen. Also the airdrop community is one of the busiest around.

Here I still need to do my first post.

Can you recommend other platforms, as publish0x or Torum? Also please add the pros and cons. Would be fine also with the referral link so that I can subscribe.

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Hey Alex :)
I will find later on a great guide by Scott and share it with you
He has a list of websites and some of his comments/reviews
I use mostly leo, hive, publish0x, torum - and occasionally blurt and steemit (this one mostly via appics)
video platforms have great potential - but you need video content for those

I think we will see many new platforms in the near future ..
p.s. I saw this by my friend @christina-madart but I have not tried it yet :)

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Thank you for the recommendation and the link. I will follow her also. :)

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Hello there @alexvan ! Thanks for mentioning me @katerinaramm !

I'm also really interested on how to bring more people here, and I am also exploring other platforms & social media, as long as I am using my time efficiently like you say too! I believe they have great potentials!

I use cross-posting too between the various platforms, sometimes it works really nicely and some other nothing extraordinary happens! I am currently using Hive/ Leo, Tsū & UHive as mentioned and just yesterday I joined Torum (I have yet to explore what one can do/ earn there, as I didn't have the time yet)! I followed you there too! 😺 Are you on Tsū so that I can follow you there too? I have heard publish0x, but know nothing about it in particular until now, I may give it a try shortly!

I am also interested in exploring the video platforms as Katerina mentions, and I would like to ask @katerinaramm , what is blurt & appics? I have heard both of their names but no nothing about them!

And of course I am going to make a strategy for using the conventional socials like FB, Instagram, Twitter etc to bring more people in these too, but good, comprehensive and - as simple as it gets - guides need to be made for this, because most people are not ready yet to spend a lot of time or get out of their comfort zone unless they are convinced that it's worth it.

Yet, like you say, publicity and link building is a great thing and "seed planting" and it also can win the more ready ones!

I'm not on Tsū, do you have a ref-link for it? Would be interested to check it out.

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Hey there @alexvan !

Sure, there is a referral system for Tsū too!

I am giving you both mine and Katerina's as she is also there, so that you have options since you're friends too and she introduced you to me!

The invitation link/ message I get generated is this:

Hey, come join me at Tsū, the social that pays!

Tell them @The_Holy_Bass sent you.

And if you want to use Katerina's make sure that you put @katerinaramm where they ask who sent you instead of @The_Holy_Bass ! (If it doesn't let you because the link generated is mine, either ask her to send you her own, or download the app directly from the App/ Play Store and fill her username in the field)

Either way I will be very glad to be friends there and support each other! 😺 🌞

Thanks for the link. Now I have a lot of homework to do, to register, activate and start posting.

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You're welcome @alexvan and sorry for the late reply, I was on a bit of a hectic program these days and time flew 😸! Looking forward to see you there too! Are you going to use the same username there?

Same in here, between Christmas and New Year will have more time to breath :)

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@katerinaramm , I am interested too in this guide by Scott that you wrote about!

I have also just remembered another Social Media that pays and seems interesting, I have just made an account there too (wanted to do it some months ago but forgot it), it's !

EDIT: Lol, Katerina I just saw that you are also a member there, so I deleted the account and rejoined with your referral, just had to change my username, I used The_Holy_Bass instead! 😸 Did I appear in your referees? I hope that there was no problem because I joined from the same pc, I used private browsing!

Here is my referral for whoever is interested!

Can't say anything more about it right this moment because in a while I am closing my pc and don't have the clarity to read about it, but I will surely do on the next days!

I recently join ...still experimenting with it but looks fine.
In case you want to try it out, this is my affiliate link:

Thanks for this. I will join as your referral, of course! Can we post there about

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Still not sure, I just did one post and was not published yet :-(

Let's see :)

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You have to make yourself followers on Publish0x and you'll see bigger payouts in time. I'm already one year active over there and have 739 followers. Patience and consistency is highly required.

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Thank you for the tip. Patience is the key in there also. It will take some time to get over the 1$ mark.

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Depends... Talk of a crypto project you like and you'll probably get there sooner.

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Good initiative, it would be good to know as many such platforms as possible in order to have an exchange of members. It's a problem, as I perceive it, it takes a long time to be visible and followed in all this. Advantage for those who started these activities earlier.

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I tried using Publish0x, but the results were pretty disappointing. I like the idea of opening up a second revenue stream, but when I have to massage the content and re import the images and everything for a couple of cents, it really isn't worth it. I should probably go back and see if my posts have earned any more yet.

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I tried using Publish0x, but the results were pretty disappointing. I like the idea of opening up a second revenue stream, but when I have to massage the content and re import the images and everything for a couple of cents, it really isn't worth it. I should probably go back and see if my posts have earned any more yet.

Drop me a link with your profile so that I can share some love in there. I make my life easy, just copy the text with pictures after it is published and it will fit in, directly with the links. Only pain is to upload the thumbnail picture. :)

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You've got a new follower and a tip :)

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The key is patience and consistency. It is good to analyze the platforms where there is a lot of activity and transit of people, they have a lot of potential to take advantage.

Yes, agree. Analysis are always good on this matter.

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