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RE: 3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid Early In Your Crypto Journey

in LeoFinance3 months ago

I really enjoyed this post. I am very new. as a matter of fact The ctp token is the only crypto I have used besides BTC
I find the whole thing a little confusing. The only reason I have CTP is because I use it.
There seems to be two kinds of crypto. The kind you use and the kind you invest.
I may be wrong about this but this is the way it seems to me.
I also commend you on bringing up doing your own research. In this day and age I think it is much more important to verify facts and data.
I really appreciate your "Newbie" point of view


Thanks for reading my post, btw there are very many other tokens you can earn here on Hive besides CTP.

Since you use CTP, you can always earn Leo, POB and other tokens related to CTP...just do a little digging and you will find the tokens .