HivePUD: Powered Up + Twitter's HiveChat Recap

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Last month I used my NFT sales to power up. I attempted to do the same this month, no one bought an art piece. If there will be a #HivePUD next year I'll try something different.

So I'll keep this short: Powered 10 HIVE!

Anyway, today's Hivechat on twitter was about Hive's Power Up Day and it had interesting questions about Power Up with some interesting answers.

Q1: What does it mean to power up #Hive?

  • A1: It's staking your spendable HIVE into HP. Which determines your stake on the HIVE blockchain, including upvotes & witness votes power. Think of it as shares in a company. Someone who has %1 of all staked HP, has %1 of the blockchain shares.

Q2: How often do you power up & why?

  • A2: Not often... This year I only powered up two times on #HivePUD. The way I see it, I try to not power down unless I really needed to spend (which hasn't happened yet,) so my #HIVE Power is actually what I earned from my blockchain posts!

Q3: Have you heard about the Power Up Day badges, initiated by #HiveChat founder @JeanlucSR & put into awesomesauce action by @HiveBuzzMe?

  • A3: Q3: #HIVEPUD badges! I actually got one!

  • ...Then I attempted to do some shameless self-promotion in the rest of tweet.

Q4: Did you know powering up #Hive to someone else was a thing? Would you do it?

  • A4: Yeah, I like how Powering Up someone else is a thing! #HiveChat, you might want to gift someone Power to help them find their place on #HIVE. If you gift them HIVE instead they might spend it. With HP, the #PowerDown waiting time might make them want to keep HP instead.

Q5: Do you have suggestions for other prizes for those who qualify? Do you think we should offer more/less of bigger/smaller prizes?

  • A5 I have a suggestion but it requires interfaces cooperation by having a hall of fame that shows #HivePUD winners' accounts/posts in the promotion section of the interface as a winner.

What do you think?

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A$ Answer helped me to understand Power Up better. Makes total sense! I still don't know what the slider in the "like" button means, as if I "like" your post (as I did) It still ask me to select from 0 to 100% slider... Why someone would "like" something less than 100%?

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It's actually called Upvote (depending on the interface, you seem to be using Leofinance which calls it "Like.")

It's a bit complicated and you don't have to understand this to use HIVE

You see, your Hive Power HP decides how much your voice is worth and it's changing depending on HIVE price + the amount of total voters per day.

So for my example I'll say that 1000 HP = $0.01 vote

A %100 like/upvote means that you're using all your HP to upvote, so in this example you're using 1000 HP in one vote/like and the post you liked will get $0.01 added to its payout.

If you used %10 upvote then that post will get $0.001 instead...

But why not upvote everything at %100 you say? Because everything is multiplied by VP! (Voting power, in LeoFinance it's below your username on the top of the page.) When you %100 like at %50 VP then the post you liked will get $0.005 instead, If VP is %90 with %10 upvote, the post you liked will get $0.0009....

Every %100 like/upvote you make decreases your VP by %2... So you'll lose %10 VP if you made 10 votes at %50... Voting Power restores %20 every day so you should only make 10 votes at %100 every day to maintain the perfect balance.

If you don't understand this don't worry, give it time and go back to it once you're on HIVE more.

A-HA! Super clarifying, thanks a lot! Im sorry I cant upvote you that much, even at 100% I fear its not more than 0,001 hahahah. Well, time will change that. Thanks a lot!!!

Congratulations @ahmadmanga! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 10 HIVE on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 1 badge.
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

How awesome that you did a #Hivechat recap on #Hive... this is pretty cool!!

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Yeah, wanted to provide answers that weren't mine too, but found that it was too much effort and it was already night here.

This is a great first step!
Really appreciate the effort already 💪

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