December HivePUD: Using My NFT Earnings to Power Up!

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On the previous #HivePUD I started an initiative of Powering Up my earnings from NFT sales: Sold 2 pieces and Powered Up 12.15 HIVE! I decided to continue the trend this month but with a little difference: My Ethereum artworks will count too.

Below is the list of my current art pieces:

Art PieceName/LinkRemaining EditionsNotes
Inventor Ahmed11 (Out of 11)Character Info
Portrait (Anime-style)5 (Out of 5)Joining Rarible
Karate Tourney4 Out of 5My favorite OC's
Yai (Frilly Dress)2 Out of 5Character Info
A Fascinating Legacy (Story Cover)3 (All)Short Story Info
Omar the Tiger (Story Cover)Single Ed.Short Novel Info

I plan on minting new art pieces before Dec 1st.

What's the value of this art anyway?

It might be hard to understand, but Crypto Art's Non-fungible tokens (#NFT) have the same value the paintings hanged on walls have: Ownership privilege.

This article by @nftshowroom sums it up: "What's Crypto art." So I'll just quote something for it here:

Yes, anyone can download and view the image for free, but they don’t own it and they can’t gain any value from it without owning the NFT as well. As a collector you want as many people as possible to be downloading and enjoying the artworks that only you provably own because this is how the artwork gains value. Imagine if one million people around the world were featuring an artwork that only you owned on digital frames in their houses. THAT is a piece of art that has real value.
-- @NFTshowroom quoting this article.

In short: The popular the NFT artist gets, (like myself,) the value of their art owned by other people increases as well. A win-win situation.

Currently in the Pool: 0.0 HIVE + 0.0 ETH

How does it work?

If you liked any of the art pieces on the table above, click the link on its name and it'll take you to its sale page.

When one of my art pieces is bought. I'll get a notification and add the specified percentage of my earnings to the pool. If you messaged me on twitter you might get a Retweet!

* All sales of the NFT above before Nov. 31: 23:59 GMT+2 will count.
* If I got any Ethereum earnings from this, they'll be used to buy HIVE at the market price of the Dec 1, and then Power That Up!
* Sales on December 1st before I write my #HivePUD post will also count!
* No promises on Sales after I publish my #HivePUD post.

Finally, if you bought any NFT before December 1st I'll add you to the list below.

UsernameArt Piece/EditionPaid

For now, thanks for reading and,
Let's Power Up The Blockchain Together!

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NFT is gonna be huge in this decade

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Totally agree! Especially the ones that have a use-case value that's more tangible than "ownership privilege." I'm researching ideas on how to do that with my art in the future.

Good luck with your research

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Art Work - NFT is next to grow on chain....