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RE: LeoFinance Post rewards vs Comment rewards , which you should concentrate on to earn more LEO?

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Kind of surprising to see that minute for minute commenting rewards the same as posting, on average, if you spend 2.5 hrs authoring a post. that figure of 150 minutes for posts, is that for 1 post?

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Not the same, more even! As he mentioned: sample size is rather small so it's a guesstimate I'd say. If you're able to write quality posts in a rather short time frame that could be a good way to earn. Would be interesting to see how much posts made in say 1/2 hour get rewarded vs 1 hour, 1.5 hour etc..

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Well you are right but the comments duration also I have taken liberally actually .

I usually type my comments in less than 30 second and I take 1 minute or 1 and half to read a post on average and I usually browse through the whole comment section to see if anyone else didn't understand that post and reply to them too. So my comment earnings per minute is actually more .

Would be interesting to see how much posts made in say 1/2 hour get rewarded vs 1 hour, 1.5 hour etc..

Well just ask away :p I will get it get it for you -

Here are the answers but please note that this is only for the month of April .

If you take 30 minutes - You will earn 0.105 LEO per minute of effort .

Just divide by 2 for 30 minutes each . Meaning if you take 1 hour to post - you will earn 0.105/2 = 0.052 LEO per minute of effort .

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Ahh yes, calculated based of the general average! Sorry, what I meant is to first categorize posts on "time spent creating the post" and then calculate the average for each category after that. Which is... quite a big task to do, even for you ;-)

That that still leaves some variables (like length, effort, skill) out of the equation but you do get a better estimate how much you can expect if you put x amount of time into making a post.

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Oh yes , I agree with you completely . What I posted in the last section of the post was just an estimate , it depends on various other stuff as you mentioned .

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YEs @agr8buzz , I have taken 150 minutes per post but you can ask me for whatever amount of minutes , I will calculate based on April month rewards and get you your answer .

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