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RE: Think long term with LEO. Think long term with HIVE.

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hold yeah delegate . post upvote i need learn about tags


You'll learn everything dear.

Just keep learning and maintain consistency while seeking improvement!

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Thank you so much for engaging

Yes, what nathanmars said. Keep reading and commenting on new things and you'll learn as you go. Set a goal to try and comment on 10 posts a day. I have a little clipboard where I copy and paste some of my own comments because they give me new ideas for posts of my own. By engaging others, not only are you helping them, you're also helping yourself learn what can work for you as well. It's very rewarding. Plus, the more you comment, the higher the chances someone like Toruk will swoop down and see your post. That is rewarding financially as well. :-) Keep at it!

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I've been on here over a year I'm accepting what I'm doing I heard that and I'm doing best I can if I don't make a million dollars I don't care ☺️🤸yes I go around up both people all the time and I do try to do comments yes you are correct no doubt I'm so tired I could jump off