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RE: Looking for Feedback and Recommendations for Aliento

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Regarding problems with paying liquid hive to delegators, I have a similar problem with my community where the goal is never to power down the community account but at the same time we need some way to compensate community members for their support.

The compromise I thought was just delegating the accumulated HP from curation to another community curation account that powers down to access those liquid rewards. It may reduce the voting power for the community account but it doesn't affect the voting efficiency (provided the voting pattern doesn't change). The community gets to keep their HP without powering down, adds support to other community curation accounts (increase public relations), and answers the liquidity problem to compensate delegators.

I tested this on my community but it's a smaller sample compared to yours so results may differ.


That's a great idea! I think I will do that soon. We plan to post often and use those rewards to pay the delegators and power up HIVE. I think I got covered the payment for the delegators for the next few months, but after that, I may be on my own, and that's why I am considering saving a lot of HIVE and earn as much as possible with content.

Also, I'm earning LEO with this account (@aliento.leo). Each week I'm earning around 32 LEO just from curations. I have some delegations here, but the biggest is a donation, and I don't need to pay anything back.

Thank you for your comment and your recommendation!

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Great to hear, thanks for the response. Seems like you already got the problem covered. Good luck on that :D