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RE: Venture Capitalism to be Antiquated

in LeoFinance13 days ago

all the venture capital and seed funding series A bullshit is all a big scam

we are now WORLD humans and we think holographically about banking as a whole, because there are no indivisuals left thanks to fucking communism

so we cant think about anything else than reimbursing each other for war crimes with no statutes of limitations

thats millions of dollars 8 to be exact per human

64 quadrillion tokens is no big deal, most will loose it all gambling so thats no good

we must pay for 1 house for every human

thats investment

anything else is a fiat money printing scam

they just print money and give it to their white and jewish friends and now asians,. and they just do racist money lending inflation printing , give moneys to friends who invest in bullshit companies like @dan or tesla whioch make no money just hype, one just a better scammer than the other

end game is what alex jones warned uis about so its best to just start sending unibomber messages to elon musk untill he takes the USA seriously