The Poisoned Spear

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The situation going on right now in the US with freedom of speech being trashed and thrown in a swamp, involving Trump and some of his closed ones being suspended from Facebook and Twitter shows how much the elites have come in control over people like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, and how the ones spinning the wheels are indirectly in control of almost every bit of information that gets out in the media.

Not long ago we've had quite a similar situation with Youtube and crypto youtubers that have seen their content removed and accounts terminated for violating user terms. Those giant social media companies don't actually give a shit about their users and don't give explanations to anyone. Their user base is a given, they use them as they please growing their businesses and influence power and they throw to trash whoever they feel like, including the president of the US.

@bil.prag called it very beautiful in his post today in regards to the censorship going on recently on social media and he actually said that we don't own our accounts on social media, we're actually leasing them, and how right he is. Taking the analogy of owning a car, when you are the owner of it you can do whatever you feel like with it, but when you lease it you only have the right to use it and maintain it. That vehicle can be taken back from you at any time. There's a central power governing over those social media platforms and that one dictates. Donald Trump is not a dictator, the dictators are whoever "indirectly own social medias and all the medias".


You can't have that on the blockchain, and Hive is the pure example of my saying. The keys to your account are in your hands, as long as you don't foolishly hand them to some scammer, you own your name and possessions in here and no one can shut you down. Call this the seven wonder of the world if you like... What's happening for a few years with Facebook and Twitter is ultimately pushing users out of those platforms, and as @taskmaster4450 mentioned in his last video those companies will suffer economically from their purge.

I personally don't use Facebook anymore, or Instagram, for close to four years. I ditched WhatsApp for Telegram more than one year ago and I'm trying to not get involved any longer in this types of deadly world wide webs. I've dedicated quite a few posts on Hive, over the time, on why I consider Facebook a plague and it's irrelevant to get over this once more. I still use twitter because I am getting a lot of crypto related information from over there, but would ditch it in an instant if something better comes out. Alternatives to such social media platforms are emerging and is trying that against twitter.

Leofinance will have its own microblogging app and I'm eagerly waiting for it. The space is spreading, eating up old technologies just like Warren Buffet is eaten by younger more tech inclined investors. "Blockhainization and tokenization of everything" is inevitable and I remember of a great quote I read many years ago saying that: the 21 century will be a tech one, or it won't be at all.


The Leofinance microblogging up is nothing new, we're not inventing the wheel in here, but we're actually developing the future on top of already established concepts. The concept of social media is already here for about fifteen years or so, but the one that Hive came with and what Leofinance is developing is completely new. We may not have millions of users in the near future as twitter currently has, but every user in here will have ownership over his own account and the fundamental right for freedom of speech. That's the tip of the spear that's gonna pierce through the communist social media webs of today. is probably a few months old and it has already tons of users active day and night, and although I don't see its rewarding system a sustainable one, I have to admire its momentum. Imagine how crowded the future microblogging app of Hive will be once it will be launched if we take in consideration how well Leofinance performs in terms of engagement atm. If people bother to read tens of posts a day, averaging at least 300 words per post, and throw comments left and right imagine how they will chew up "Leo tweets". Add some sort of rewards on top of that and this blockchain is going to explode.

It's still the tip of the spear, as economies seem to be building around this new type of social media, more sustainable ones that the classic social medias currently have, more empowering for the users and true stake holders and definitely censorship free. I don't know how much a blockchain based messaging app would make sense and if anything of this sort will ever exist, but I'd be curious to try one out. Maybe Trump will never have a Hive account, maybe the millions of twitter users won't flock to the new microblogging app, but no one can deny the pace at which this tech is moving and how deep of a space is out there to explore.


Only from the tokenization point of view it's clear how much we've gone. What did we have on Steem in 2017-2018? One token, from what I remember, a bunch of bloggers mixed with a ton of spammers, no words of any DEFI at all, no second layer tokens, Steemit was the interface most of us used and we weren't basically able to threat anyone in the world. Pretty much like my country for the last twenty centuries. Now development has finally gained traction and things are starting to take shape. It's like everything becomes palpable and we own that. When we have HIVE listed on any exchange, it's us listed over there, and we're benefiting the most out of that, not some central governing power making money out of our backs for selling our data and throwing us away for at any given time for... violating user terms.

OK... I wanted to somehow make a tweet out of this post and practice a bit for that future microblogging app and look what I got. I guess I won't do well when that thing comes out :))

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It's crazy where we're moving! New opportunities, upgrades, and projects every single day!

Just as you, I moved away from Facebook and Instagram a long time ago. Decentralization rocks!

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The future is here.

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Nice write up, many valid points, I was explaining Bitcoin and Hive to someone earlier today, I told him that what is happening with Free speech and censorship now is what happened 12years ago after the economic meltdown, which Bitcoin was a result of. Today, Hive is the result of all the censorship happening but many are yet to realise it, in the future, people will all over the world will embrace hive for the solution it offers just as they are embracing bitcoin today.

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May your words come true.

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i use instagram as a local app, small town everyone knows everyone... on facebook i only use one group with collogues for the work i do and twitter i start using when steem/hive happened, i kinda stayed because hive and crypto. So if leo microblogging takes of, twitter tab will not be used that much.

For the small community that hive is, i am surprised every day how much new things developed i miss.

The microblogging app will for sure be very engaging.

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I look at microblogging as some kind of introduction or attention for in-depth content, so I think they have some content and role in marketing processes.
btw: it is quite possible that I would not have read this article if you had not published it on And of course, any such service can be used to route traffic ...

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We, the hivers are everywhere... :))

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