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I lied... I just wrote about half an hour ago on that I'm taking a day off from the crypto social medias I'm involved in, but the addiction is hard to resist. The main reason for doing that was the power down we were forced into, a few hours ago. Now the power's back, internet working fine, so here I am.

Just read an interesting tweet a few minutes ago saying that you won't feel the need for a vacation when you do when you love and I totally agree on that. I've worked things I didn't actually like almost my entire life and I know exactly how does it feel to carve for vacations.

I have the perfect example of doing what you love and not actually needing vacations and that's my father. He is a saxophone and clarinet player and almost all of his life, until a few years ago when he left the country, he's made a living out of what he loved, playing saxophone and clarinet. He started studying music at 12 and at 16 he no longer needed money from his parents.

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He became Financially independently at 16, as Carlos Matos used to say. Doing what you love doesn't need breaks, vacations, times off, it doesn't require too much rest either. Very few of us get to do what they love in this world and that's a pity. Most are living paycheck to paycheck fulfilling other's dreams and stress themselves out over issues they shouldn't which actually don't belong to them...

The crypto social medias that I am part of for a while are starting to take off and sooner than latter these might become my main source of income. But, is blogging a job now? Definitely not. At least not in my case. Yes, I do have to hustle for every piece of reward I get in here, as nothing is a given for me, but I don't look at it as a job.

I don't write for anyone in particular, I don't show up at a precise time in the day like I would at a regular job, I don't have a norm and not feeling that I've ever exhausted myself or my blogging inspiration stream in any way. I just see it flowing and it feels so damn natural to pour words on endless pages.

It pays though... and although the bull market is yet in full swing and we haven't seen thousand dollars posts around here, I'm confident we will and I'm also 100% sure that at some point I will score such a post as well. At least once in my blogging lifetime I wanna scream hard... We'll see when, how and thanks to whom will I be able to reach that. I'm fine with my earnings though and confident that my energy and time invested in my online activities will pay off as this space expands.

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It's definitely not a burden and I don't feel like taking a vacation from it. On the contrary, even when I try taking a day off I hardly hold myself from passing over my own promises. @taskmaster4450 has often talked about this crypto revolution as the age of abundance.

This age of abundance for me is not just about money, revenues, wealth, dollar valuation and so on, and I guess he sees it from many different perspectives as well. This age of abundance is about finally doing what you like, living on your own, enjoying fully what you're dedicating your time to and in my case it's close to replicating my father's experience.

I honestly don't get people who get to a block in blogging... Well, I might have formulated it wrong. I mean, there's so much new stuff and topics to blog about in this space that I hardly have the time to cover most of them... I often try and mix different news and events to be able to cover as much of what this space has to offer. I could post more, of course, but it's not me. I'm a one-two posts a day blogger.

Whatever becomes a burden, leave it. It's that simple, and when you think of how many opportunities this world actually offers it's such a pity to develop roots in a toxic environment. In less than 15 years I've switched over to almost 10 jobs none of them related to another and feel like I ain't finished yet. Who knows, maybe content creator will keep me plugged in for a longer period of time, but no matter what, I feel like I have the right to choose and move forward.

Remember that Silvester Stallone motivational clip? You just have to move forward, just keep on moving forward. You're not a tree, that's what an elderly work colleague was once telling me. If you don't like a job, leave it, it's that simple. Even trees get to change environment once in a while, so why humans get to feel so chained.

Do I need a vacation from blogging? No sir... A matter of fact I feel bad when I'm away from it and never felt as such towards any activity in my entire life.

Thanks for attention,

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Blogging is definitely not a job but it's s passion that earns you money so technically it's part of it. I have never taken s break from hive or Leo since I got here, because sometimes when you find joy in what you do, it don't feel like making effort.

Between, Leo UI has been down for like two hours now.

The UI has been down in here for many hours but it's good its back.

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It's back also here, what a glitch that was.

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crypto social medias I'm involved in, but the addiction is hard to resist.

Gosh here's another level of social media, same but different.


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Hey there Ace, working for yourself is ideal and I also spend 7 days a week sometimes happily blogging about crypto. However, I am not expecting those massive gains or payouts on our social media platforms. They way they used to be on Steem for a while. Although it would be epic to get a decent payout one day and actually earn a living from a daily post lol.

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Why not?
LEO might be even better than STEEM.

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Haha, I did the same and continued to use all the crypto media instead of resting :D

Push yourself to the limit and discover your inner gem.

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It doesn't feel consuming at all.

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True story!

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For me is part of my normal day, but right now it is taken 3 hours when i have time, and 5 minutes if not. Still, i am doing too much play2earn, so i spend too much time on games for money. but i realised i did not play a game just for fun in a long time. need to reevaluate this.

In my case I never played any game for money. I get your situation. The financial incentive is too strong to not chase the money you're playing for.

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Great Post!

First, I agree that if you love what your doing, it isn’t work. It’s what you want to do...
It’s a passion and it sustains would almost do it for free.

Second, I think that clip was golden!

It’s not how hard you get hit, it’s can you keep getting up and moving forward.

These are words that move you, motivate you and they are timeless.

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Thank you. This post comes as a reaction to that tweet I mentioned about, from someone who almost 15 years worked jobs that weren't fulfilling. Maybe this new type of social media will be more fulfilling.

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Upvoted, reblogged and twitted!

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Thank you very much.

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