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RE: The Upvote Economy

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Ultimately, many people will have the ability to change someone's week (or month) with a single upvote. We all know how good it feels to be upvoted by a whale. Imagine receiving that when the vote will pay for your groceries for the week or medicine that is required.

You have no clue how many weeks guys like you, @onealfa and many others have changed for me. I'm basically living off of my Hive account for months now. No income other than the blogging one since September last year. That's why I'm such a fanatic of Hive and Leofinance. It made a change, it paved the road to fullfil my dream of being able to make a living as a content creator. That's something to me...

Great post. It really touched me.

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Testimony is the best form of validation. You are a living example of how this entire process is working. And you are not alone.

Now what if we took that idea and spread it over 1 billion upvotes a day? What if there were a million @onealfa's out there running around changing lives.

What is great, each day there is more crypto than there was the previous. Of course, what that equates to in fiat can vary. Yet there is more power in the votes with each new token distributed.

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One million @onealfa=global abundance

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