Project ________ , The Tesla of Internal Combustion Social Medias

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Leofinance stole my virtual heart many months ago and I can't even remember what made me dive so deep into this community... I guess folks like @trumpman, @toofasteddie and @empoderat, whom I was following for a while, that were pretty active in here for many many months before I, were the catalyst for that click that got me here.

I don't know any of these peeps from real life, we haven't been friends on Facebook and Instagram prior to us meeting here and tbh neither did I personally knew any of my so called friends from Facebook or Instagram. That didn't stopped me from liking posts of people from overseas, share them, comment on them once in a while and use the damn two above mentioned apps for about 9 years... I wonder how life with Hive will be six years from now.

I was addicted to those two garbage apps and I was rarely using twitter during those addictive years, although I have that account for a few years as well. Twitter wasn't giving me the dopamine shots facebook did and doesn't manage to do that nowadays either. I actually begun to use twitter more since I got into crypto and probably it's the same thing for you guys as well.

Twitter is not what it used to be, or at least what I thought of it to be, it's the same censorship and mass control tool that facebook is, when the situation asks for it, and my only mainstream platform to get my everyday crypto bath tbh. I've joined lately as well, and it's nice... but I doubt it will be able to catch any of my attention once project _________ is out. It doesn't even have the noble blood __________ has.

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From what Khal(@khaleelkazi) is gradually leaking with is, project _________ will be a great alternative to twitter, and much more than that. We don't have too much details about it, but it looks more like a self sustainable economy rather than just a simple social media app, or another social media app.

I have often called Facebook my second sugar spoon of the day, back in the days when I was an addict, but you know what's funny... I've said NO, no more of this, back in summer 2017 and that's the exact same year when I entered crypto, and guess what's my new daily sugar spoon. Crypto is like brown sugar though, it's not that damaging to your bones :)

Project _________ won't be like twitter, and it doesn't even has to be like it. Yes, it will be a microblogging app, but built on totally different foundation, with clear and whole lot different ideologies and economy. It's being created on Hive, a decentralized blockchain, there will be no censorship power to take any Trump down off of the platform, likes will be really worth something in real crypto life, freedom of speech is a given, it will mostly be crypto oriented and not a mix of bimbos, gurus and whatever you may think of, like Twitter is.

A matter of fact it will be what twitter never was and never will. It will be lifechanging, at least for me. Being a crypto content consumer in an ecosystem like this where everything happens at the speed of light, cryptonians do need a place of their own, a place that's in tune with Satoshi's vision of a new world and not just another shiny app moving on communist wheels. Hive started as a blogging platform, but those days are gone. Mainstream adoption to me translates to accessibility, speed, connections, instant feedback, fast word spread, instant gratification and connectiveness.

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As much as I love blogging, and my account is living proof of that, I am sure I'm gonna love project _________ because $300,000 BTC will probably be a short lived moment and I want to be there, share that with you and engage with the ones talking it when that happens, exactly on that brief moment. There's good trade calls that are probably gonna be shared on this app, bells to be ranged when a volcano is about to blow off and engagement that needs to be taken at the next level.

As you may see from the weekly Leofinance stats, this community is already showing signs of high engagement levels, but you could bet your fortune that once ________ is out that engagement will go 10x in the first month. It's simple to understand why, instead of loosing 5 minutes from your life reading this crap of post of mine you could have read and commented ten tweet types of posts by now and earn some crypto on the way. Attention tokenization is taken to a whole new level, I tell you that.

We live in the speed century and keeping up with that speed we need to adapt. Those who refuse to go with the flow and aim higher are gonna be called dinosaurs years from now. No offense to anyone, but the future of crypto content creation might be what we once called shitposting, especially during bull markets when everything moves at the speed of light, and we might need to finally redefine quality on Hive.


I've read a few days ago that someone was somehow worried about future ________ posts scoring $50 or so and what will happen with our quality standards. I say screw them, and lets create new ones. Sometimes, three phrases clear the haze way better than 1000 words can. It depends a lot on who's writing those phrases and how do you throw them out on people's feeds. I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited about this project and I don't consider it will do any harm to any other community.

Once we look at Hive as a community hosting communities, instead of a giant mixed content creators club, we're able to finally see its potential. At least that's what I'm doing. No need for competition, comparisons, or dissing anything in here. Just get your vibe right, choose your tribe, make the most out of your experience on this one of a kind blockchain and enjoy the ride.

2021 is gonna be an epic year in crypto and while the whole world seems to be falling around us, it seems that this space is just like a toddler that is learning to walk and discovers the world around. Maybe this is the safe haven Bitcoin was promised to be and its abundance era that was promised to us many years ago is finally here. Maybe... Anyway, can't wait to test out this new future app of Leofinance and highly excited about 2021 in crypto.

Thanks for attention,

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Super, super excited about the new microblogging app. Really curious of how it will be, but @khaleelkazi is a beast so I am pretty sure it's going to be amazing.

Now, the only problem I have is that I can't wait for it to happen as I am torn between powering up my Leo awaiting for the airdrop and buying LBI. :D

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I'm bad at patience myself as well, so no words of advice for you :))

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I can't wait for this Project _________ .

Stay tuned. It's gonna be fun and highly engaging.

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Let's see what is coming, I am really excited

Me too.

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i am really hyped about the microblogging!

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As many of us around here.

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Microblogging app will be huge!

I'm sure about that!

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It's exactly what I've needs especially during a bull market.

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