LEO Authors Are the Most Rewarded Users on Hive... And I'm One of Them

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One day ago the December Author Reward Leaderboard came out and as soon as that happened I got my Hive notification that I've been tagged in the report... Well you don't get that kind of detailed notifications, but you get my point. I've been in the leaderboard for the month of November as well, but this time I'm no.10 and back in November I was on the 11th place.

I've outperformed myself for the month of December and I'm more than happy with that. From the data that we get by Leofinance through the above linked post it seems that in the month of December I managed to earn $415 worth of LEO and $141 worth of HIVE, totaling $556 worth of HIVE and LEO tokens for the whole month. Not bad at all, and tbh honest if the market helps us a bit and we will see a $1 LEO soon I will be finally able to live off of blogging.

Imagine that... I don't know how many of you would like to become full time bloggers and how easily is that possible in your part of the world, but with a 2x on my December earnings, considering that I could earn such rewards every month, I could sustain my needs and be finally able to say that my efforts have paid off, that I'm a full time blogger living his three years old dream and crypto is definitely an empowering tool for the masses and not just for rich investors who actually make millions on top of millions.

I couldn't be here and be able to earn that much if Leofinance wouldn't exist though, that's 100%. You can see from the shared data that the monthly rewards weigh a lot heavier towards LEO rather than HIVE. I don't care what some witnesses or large stakeholders are saying or thinking about Leofinance but for me this thing is life changing, and I mean that.


It's the best community that I've ever been part of, the best rewarding one, that community where I've leveled up my engagement on the chain immensely, probably the one with the most organic curation from all of the ones Hive hosts, and definitely a good taken care of one. Even a twelve years old would realize this thing has a future based on the updates and improvements that come from the Leofinance team constantly.

For someone like me that almost lives and breaths crypto, consuming related content and engaging with alike folks on a daily basis this is the place to be. I am frustrated that I haven't yet managed to lure more hivers, close friends and even people all over twitter to join Leofinance, but I still have time to do that.

I wouldn't be on that board without you guys... YES, YOU THAT HAVE SUPPORTED MY CONTENT, WHICH HONESTLY IS NOT THE BEST AROUND HERE, FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS IN A ROW. THANK YOU. And since I mentioned a few paragraphs above that I consider this community to be probably the one with the most organic curation I will have to make it clear that this organic curation has got me where I am.

I do have a bunch of auto votes from a couple of people who have been around for quite some time and I've managed to earn their trust and their auto votes as well, but nothing spectacular. It's something like 0.4 LEO per post. The rest of it is pure individuals who have appreciated my posts and upvoted them. I can't even circle jerk, even if I'd like to, because I don't have the VP to do that and neither the funds to invest in it.

My entire blog and everything that comes out of it is a continual hustle. I never know how much one post of mine will pay out and nothing's a given for me. I guess this constant hustling dopamine has kept me active and alive and pushes me further. If I'd probably be a spoiled kid I wouldn't be that dedicated in engaging and posting so often. I'm not though and I a have to show up and never give up, but you know what... I'm fine with that.

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I'm not a fan of automation thus I'm actually living on my own principles. People that talk bad about Leofinance and want to diminish its success are usually the ones that have probably never lived paycheck to paycheck, that have thousands if not millions of HP and no bill pushing them to powerdown, that are running nodes ensuring them constant rewards without moving a finger and circler jerking groups that will push them to the trending page no matter what crappy post they do.

I'm not one of them and don't even wanna be as such. I am happy with what I am and what I have and am really confident in this community, its shinny future and constant price appreciation of the token. I never had a trending post before Leofinance and since I've become active in here I guess I scored ten of them. Tell me that Leofinance is doing bad to Hive and I'll call you a lunatic.

If I'm happy, Hive should be happy, isn't that logic? And you know what... I am highly content about my progress with Leofinance and will keep on creating content on this platform as long as I will be able to do so. Long story short I will have to definitely shoutout to Khal(@khaleelkazi) who made all of this possible, to my sponsors😊(aka curators) and everybody who has bothered to read my posts and engage with me.

Congratulations to all of the top 30 authors for the month of December and wish you all of you that are part of this community to achieve your goals! Dare, no matter how high they are and hard to achieve they seem. Happy and excited to be part of this and grateful at the same time. Have a nice day people, and see you to the next one!

PS: some internet problems today and that's why I'm not too engaging, I promise to answer at lest all of your comments if not able to read too much posts. Maybe they'll fix it by tomorrow. It started since last night...

Thanks for attention,

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Such a great achievement, @acesontop.

Keep working!

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Thak you very much.

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I noticed how I was one of the top Leo Authors for December too. That's three times in a row for me now, each month since my first month on LEO, which is totally mind-blowing! What I am most annoyed about, is the lack of time I have. I wish I had as much spare time as I had in October because that made it much easier for me to engage and contribute and I haven't really been able to come up with a solid "schedule" for LeoFinance yet. It's a work in progress though, because I want to live and breathe LEO again, like I did during my first weeks.

Honestly speaking, I am not surprised to see you within the top authors list. You started off doing a superb job with both engagement and articles, and you've been able to stick to it, aka. being consistent. And consistency is key. I'm happy for you, good work! :)

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Thank you. Fortunately I have the time to be active on Leofinance as much as I wish.

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I envy you for that. I wish I could squeeze in just an extra 5 hours per week. That would make a huge difference for me. Hopefully, with time, we will beat Covid-19 and things will go back to 'normal' again.

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You should really not envy me 😀.

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you really deserve that spot man! i am really happy for you

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Thank you very much.

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I am sure, many of us would love to become a full time blogger if we could get opportunities to replace our office jobs and, I think, Leofinance is in its way to provide them.

Once again congratulations.

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Thank you. In my case, it has nothing to replace actually.

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The biggest thing that seperates you on the top-list against the rest of us, except that you all are very talented and passionate people, is that you have gone through the journey and didn't give up.

I hope people look at the list and think "I can also do this", instead of thinking it's unfair and they get all the vote and not me. Yeah they have worked hard for that attention, and not all content is rewarded equally.

Equal oppurtunity != equal results

Ending of by saying congratz and hope to see myself on that list in future ;)

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I hope people look at the list and think "I can also do this", instead of thinking it's unfair and they get all the vote and not me.

I totally agree with that. Sure, I am one of the top authors as well this month, but that doesn't take away the effort and hard work I have put in since I arrived. Statistics, reports and leaderboards should never be seen as something besides opportunity. The most crucial thing is to never use those things to compare your results with others.

That's like putting a nail in your own coffin.

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Exactly. I don't even know who's on spot no.1 or the last. I just know I was 11th and now I'm 10th and I do whatever I can to better myself, to make the most of this community and to put my efforts as well into making it a great and sustainable one. I've understood right from the beginning that I can't invest funds in it, but I have a lot of time and passion for Leofinance and that's what I invest almost every day.

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Thank you.
You're right, these spots are for everybody. There's many factors that can boost one in that top, but I'd say consistency is an important key for this type of social media.

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Such an amazing experience you've had here on LeoFinance. I haven't also been on a trending post before leofinance too and at least I got one on here and it was a good feeling.

I'm motivated by your work and wish to keep learning with each posts made.

Keep the good work sir


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Thank you. Much appreciated. Rarely do I hear anyone getting motivated by me. Keep on doing what you do and enjoy this beautiful crypto ride that we have.

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I Wil surely do

Thanks for the encouragement 😊

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