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RE: How Many Active Users/Accounts the Steem Blockchain Actually Has?

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It is sad that there are more accounts posting than commenting. Making some sort of engagement score visible on front ends would help people make better voting decisions to avoid voting for accounts that post mpre often than they comment.


Yes, I was surprised by this as well.... Users tend to think .... hey come and check my post .... but the truth is if you like people to check your post, you will need to work on your engagement a lot

I get put off when people ask for votes or tell me to check something out. Engage my interests, not my attention. I hate ads.
It does take patience and practice, but acceleration is necessary to get to speed.

that could be doable since Steemworld shows posts, comments and replies ... I'm showing 715 posts, 9480 comments and 8841 replies ... some sort of score should be possible from that information. The problem would be how to eliminate the automated comments.

The problem would be how to eliminate the automated comments.

Yeah, things just become increasingly complex when we try to consider everything. The bots that just do [almost] the same comment over and over again can probably be eliminated without too much difficulty. As can really short comments like 'Thanks' or 'Good job'. Or there could be a human element where moderators look for people with over a certain amount of comments and just manually reduce the rank.

I think one problem STEEM is facing, is that a lot of interaction doesn't take place on the blockchain itself but in several discord channels and other places, so that STEEM partly appears like an empty ghost (and bot) town. I would prefer if as much communication as possible happened directly on the blockchain.

I agree too. Let's start with that town hall meeting between justin and the witnesses. Typing it out as a permanent record on steem will be great.
Posts with declined rewards, daily comment threads or mini posts should be a thing.