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RE: An Argument Against Bitcoin Maximalism and For Support of Altcoins and Alternative Blockchain Projects.

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Bitcoin maximalism is not about neglecting the value of other blockchains, but taking a clear position in favour of BTC over fiat and stating that the primary objective of a blockchain based crypto currency is stability and resilence. As blockchain is in its infancy, all other aspects and application fields are not of the same importance - at least at the moment. Other blockchains and currencies are definitly valuable. Bitcoin maximalism is a clear statement in favour for crypto, it is about fighting fake coins, and it is about the prevention of a fragmentation of forces to follow long term goals, not the search for short time speculative gains.

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I get it. Most of the maxi's I've met on Twitter are pretty toxic though and really harsh on any project that isn't bitcoin. I too am against true shitcoins, but I'm willing to give any project the chance to prove themselves.

So, it's twitter. Tribalism at work.