Contest/Wettbewerb/Concurso "Looking Back/Look Forward 2.49"

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Contest/Wettbewerb/Concurso "Looking Back/Look Forward 2.49"

For the time being this contest will continue on Steemit. Deadline: Friday May 22, 2020 at 6 pm UTC Paris time.

  • Anyone can join.
  • You are free to post it on a different tribe or platform as long as you follow the rules and leave the link to your entry here!
  • Feel free to write in your own language.

Entries not answering the question or which are too late can not participate.


I like to be free and I need to be free. I have been locked up too long. People loved to overrule, tell me what to do. Why? Because they thought they could easily make me their servant or slave.
I am bad at doing as others say. I do not believe people on their word. No matter if they are educated or not, scientists or not, older or younger. I hear, read, and make up my own opinion. I do not care about what others say, state, or gossip about someone. To me counts how someone treats me, me, and those dear to me.
It's fine to be direct, there's no need to share my opinion or agree with what I say. We can still befriend.

I decided to leave, start all over again, as I felt someone tried to take my freedom away from me. I'll say it was easy, I never shed any tears or felt miserable but what I do say is it did me good. Going my own way, make my own decisions, no need to ask someone's permission. That is what I want for my children too. A life of their own without fear for what might be or come. If they have dreams I want them to be able to make some come true. I do not want anyone, a state control them. I didn't raise my children to be free spirits not anyone's slave.



Looking back - Look forward - liberty
Rückblick-Entgegensehen - Freiheit



  1. Write about the theme/Thema anhalten
  2. 200+ words/Wörter
  3. Use your own pictures or mention its source./Eigene Bildern oder Herkunft vermelden
    4.First tag/Erste tag: hive-166850
  4. Use "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.49" in your title or text./Name Wettbewerb 2.49 vermelden Titel oder im Text.
  5. Use the invitation!/Einladung benutzen bitte.
  6. Leave the link to your post underneath this post./Link post bitte als Comment eingeben.

Your vote/reblog is highly appreciated

Este concurso finalizará 22 de mayo 2020 a las 6 p.m.
Las entradas que no responden a la pregunta o que son demasiado tarde no pueden participar .

El tema

Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante.

Las reglas

1. Escribe sobre el tema:
2. Escribe más de 200 palabras.
3. Usa tus propias imágenes o menciona la fuente.

Excepción: el contenido con fotos propias (mínimo 3) puede usar menos palabras .

4. Usa la etiqueta # hive-166850 y la invitació.
5. Usa "CONCURSO Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante 2.49" en su título o texto.
6. Deje el enlace a su publicación debajo de esta publicación.

Su voto y resteem es muy apreciado


✔ Paid by me.
✔ One winner out of all entries: 2 Steem
✔ 0.20 Steem for each participants.


✔ Pagado por mí.
✔ Un ganador de todas las entradas: 2 Steem
✔ 0.20 Steem para todos los participantes


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Hola, por aquí dejo mi primera participación

Thank you for your entry. You have #3

Thank you for your entry. You have #2 💕

Hmmm... why do you say at the beginning that the contest runs on Steemit? Is that correct?

Yes it is correct and the sponsor sponsored with steem.

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Thank you for your entry you have #4.
Good luck.

Thanks for hosting this contest. We gave you an upvote. Greetings @team-ccc.


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