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Wishing you all the best!

Something to look back about steemit and steem when the value was too high and the people were so excited every cent of the token payout. The one who invited me forced me to join and I'm thankful for bringing me here. She stopped a long time ago but I keep on going until now.

Steemit life gave me changes in my lifestyle and self-esteem. Before, I never know how to write a blog, I never know how to take a better photography. And the best part here is for having so many friends around the globe. Earning and learning are here together.

A long time ago, when there was a word bitcoin came to my Facebook newsfeed, it annoyed me. I told myself what is this bitcoin repeatedly showing up my newsfeed? When I came across steemit, that was the time I understood that it is a token in the crypto world. The happening in my steemit life is really an unforgettable experience.

I joined 2017 December but I never been active on time. I registered myself but doing nothing and never check out the approval of my account. I was not interested. Then, my friend forced me and I remember I introduced myself was wrong in tagging and I was submitting a landscape photography. It was a very weird feeling. But people were upvoting and let me earned. There were many generous people around steemit.

The best happening when my first payout was spent on my first grandchild's 2nd birthday celebration. The value of 10 steem before was enough buying foods. Then, in a couple of months, I spent my payout for the birthday of my second grandchild's first birthday. Those are the fruit of my steemit life in the first place.

As of this writing today, I'm a little bit sad due to what had happened recently, the turmoil in steemit governance. I don't know what will be the next episode. I will miss steemit and I don't wanna lose it as well. However, I heard a positive planning onward today. So this will be looking forward and hoping for the best of everything to all my fellow steemians.

The latest happening in steemit aside from having a low value, shocked my soul. I almost lost my hope but I'm still kicking for it and ignore what the negative input. I decided to dance with the music, hoping for a chance to change.

I would like to acknowledge all the people around and thank you for making me a better person. I won't mention you all one by one. God knows who among you that helped me grown in this blockchain.

Thank you so much and let us wait for the next chapter of our life with our community.

Stay safe from the spreading of coronaviruses. Let us have faith and believe the power of God is the best to fight the pandemic. There are a lot of turning positive points dealing with it. Sooner, we will be alright.

Thank you so much @wakeupkitty and @team-ccc. This is my entry to #ccc 2.40 LOOKING BACK/LOOK FORWARD hosted by @wakeupkitty.


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sounds like a nice contest

Yes, it's a kind of looking back and look forward hosted by @wakeupkitty

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I just found it here. You have my vote here too. A happy day and brand new start. 💕