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Good morning dear @marbely!

It's Thursday time to answer the question of @marblely about my favorite protein foods.

Actually, all foods are my favorites no matter what benefits it gives to myself. And also I do not well inform those foods belong to what vitamins it has. I.just eat and eat and eat. But when the time came that I grew older, I need to recognize what vitamins or foods I use to eat most especially for the bones and generally for my body.

Now, the source of protein I love so much is the protein I got from fish.
I just love it since then. I may cook it in different ways every day in every meal no matter what may come. Maybe scales will grow to my skin for eating so many fishes.

Protein and calcium are so rich in these foods but we have to eat these all moderately. I must not go beyond the limits. It is important for our body but some more excess food is bad for our health. The benefits will be turned into a big problem so we must control our tongue not to overpower the brain and our eyes. Let go the words favorite for a little while and have a good diet.

Steamed mackerel is the best of My favourite Protein source

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It's me

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I love seafoood!!! They look fresh! Were you at the wet market? Aahh.. steamed mackerel sounds yummy! How do you steam them? Is that tumeric powder on the fish? I like my fish steamed with soy sauce and ginger. Sometimes if I am daring, I will go with chilli and lime. Yummmmm. I do not remember if mackerel is boney. I prefer fish with big bones because it gets quite tiring eating fish with lots of small bones.