My Sweet Carrots...

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When I see carrots, I think of Bugs Bunny. He eats carrots almost all the time in the cartoon.

What do I do with carrots? I use carrots in my cooking almost always. Whenever I stir fry vegetables, there will be carrots.

This is a simple dish of chopped garlic, some salt and the vegetables. The color of carrot slices always pop happily in its simplicity.

I use carrots when I cook fish and when I boil soup. It is a must have because they add sweetness to the dish. But I like them soft and would cook them long enough to get the soft texture.


Carrots in juices are yummy too. Here I blend carrots with other fruits such as watermelon, apple, orange, strawberries and mango. It becomes a delicious smoothie.
And if you haven't try, add fresh milk to a blended carrot juice. It is super delicious!

Carrots make tasty desserts too. I love eating carrot cake with a tinge of cinnamon taste and smell.

Aaah...What would we do without the humble sweet carrots?

This is my entry to @gertu's Contest #CCC 3.03 What do you do with...Carrots?


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Yes, carrots are succulent. and its multiple uses. So many things you can do with them. Thank you for those beautiful images with your vegetables accompanying the carrots.

Thank you @gertu :) It was a pleasure sharing.

We eat raw carrots almost every day :D Just like bugs bunny, not even cut xD

Oh wow hehe that must have been quite a cute scene I can imagine and so healthy!

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Love my carrots i eat them like bugs bunny also and with many of my meals 😊

This food looks very good. :)