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RE: My Thursday Favourites #ccc 3.02 Contest!

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My entry:


In my 2 months vacation in Singapore, my daughter's day off was spent tour guiding me all over Singapore. On this day, together with my two granddaughters who were studying there, we visited Fuller Hotel and the vicinity.

May you like my Sunset Memoir. Thankful I found it saved in one of my fb album in only me can view.

Snapped by my Samsung Tab


Hey @jurich60, that is a beautiful sunset. I hope you posted your link and comment into the correct contest post :)

Oh my my so sorry, yeah Wrong post, my signal have a problem. I did not intentionally post it here, sorry sorry @ marblely...when I search to the intended post it was not there, thanks much you mention me. I will delete this...

Heheh don't worry about it @jurich60 :)

How can I delete this?

You should be able to see a delete button somewhere. But don't worry.. it is a nice photo. You can leave it here hehe. Just make sure you post it again into the contest post so that your entry will be counted.

Thank you much for your understanding, ashamed really with my phone problem.