"What does CCC mean to you? Contest 2.36"

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Dear friends

My Blockchain friend and member of Team-CCC @wakeupkitty has invited me to participate again in the challenge on the meaning of CCC = Hive -166850.

So as a member of the "Curation Circle Creed" team, I feel committed to presenting you with one of the meanings with which we could identify.

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Being involved with a social media communication platform leads us to stay active and prepared for the changes, especially in the case of steemit that despite having little operating time is already changing the internet business model since users of the platform They are rewarded for the publications and comments issued by them, in addition to the strengthening of friendship, social and business relations.

That makes CCC the Combined Combustible Command. Each of these acronyms separately can give a meaning:

  • Combined: Since members coming from various professions and interests synergistically give extraordinary value to their contributions.

  • Combustible: Indicates the fuel that allows moving ideas within the Blockchain.

  • Command: In which weekly through the CCC team competitions the members are activated to show their benefits.

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For now we will remain motivated waiting for contributions from the other members of the Team-CCC.

If you found my ideas interesting, I hope your upvote, comment and resteem.



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I invite all my friends to participate in this contest, especially @lanzjoseg, @marybellrg and @antoniarhuiz
@gingbabida @fitinfunfood @fredkese @chris-the-batman @mgaft1 @hashzone91 @gertu @joeyarnoldvn @cloudblade @myjob @nathyortiz @daysiselena @theresa16 @olivia08 @aaliyahholt @celinavisaez @dulce160 @jurich60 @wendyth16 @lanzjoseg @josyweed @botefarm @putu300 @saulos @tya.saputry @wongbraling @metzli @daysiselena @sarimanok @kgwork @redheadpei @wakeupkitty @wakeupkitty.pal @felixgarciap @putu300 @victoriaxl @angelro @oscarina @yasny @mers @marianis @robinsonr810 @sarimanok @diosarich @ahmanik47 @sacra97
@betzaelcorvo @malvyconejero @zhanavic69 @evagavilan @antoniarhuiz
@yujomar @mllg @lisfabian @renataborea
@sincroniadivina @oneray


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Been awhile I took part. Will see

Happy heart day from Saidi Arabia amigo @felixgarciap

Thank you very much! Warm and blessed day to you dear @olivia08.

Thank you for joining our contest and inviting the other members as well. I guess they are no longer interested. Perhaps we should consider to stop hosting and uovoting them.

You have entry number 3.
Good luck and a great day.

Saludos amigo @felixgarciap. Hoy día de la amistad mis mejores deseos por que alcance todas sus metas en esta pasada por steem.

Muchas gracias @gertu, igual para ti me alegra estemos conectados.

Great you joined. I am proud of you and your great entry.
Enjoy your weekend. 💕

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Saludos amigo y profesor @felixgarciap. Excelente las palabras elegidas Combinado, Combustible y Mando, tres c de energia y movimiento.

Feliz día de la amistad apreciada @sacra97, resultan ser las palabras adecuadas que dan sustento al equipo CCC, gracias por estar involucrada, tu eres una gran luchadora y estas dejando un precioso legado para tus hijos y nietos.