Life In A Year (Movie Review)

Hold your popcorn handkerchiefs because this movie is going to get you very teary.

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In this 2020 romantic movie, Jaden Smith plays the role of Daryn a 17 year old student who's trying to work his way into Harvard much to his father's (Cuba Goodling Jr.) delight. He's a typical good kid that pleases his strict parent but gets cut some slack sometimes thanks to his mum Catherine (Nia Long).

One night he gets permission to go to a rap concert and while trying to sneak in with his friends, he meets Isabelle (Cara Delevingne) who he finds very intriguing. He tracks her at the diner she works and tries to befriend her but she proves to be uptight.

Eventually she gives him a chance and goes on a date with him and Daryn tries impressing her arriving in a car and dressing up, none of which thrills her. They develop a beautiful friendship and she makes him realize what he really wants out of life - to pursue his dreams of a rap career and not the Harvard dream his father wants so bad for him.

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Isabelle becomes withdrawn when Daryn confesses he's in love with her which leaves him very confused. He gets to find out she has cancer and just a year to live 😥

Fueled by love, Daryn promises to make her last year worth it. They both live a whole life in a year, doing all the things they want, having fun and even get married eventually. A few days after the wedding, Isabelle dies.

I really like this movie and was impressed by Jaden Smith's performance. It's the first movie I've seen of his as a grown guy and he delivered well. The connection with his co-star felt real and they portrayed the story excellently.

The way both lovers influence each other within a short while is very admirable and Daryn's love was as pure as water, no way you wouldn't cry during the emotional/romantic scenes.

Although the young couple were a good match, Cuba Goodling Jr. and Nia Long didn't quite seem like a good match as Daryn's parents, there was zero connection for me.

I would watch this movie again because I really enjoyed it but I'm not ready for the migraine that comes with the tears so I'm good.

My Rating - 8.5/10

Minus 1.5 for Cuba Goodling Jr. not portraying the father role well enough.


Its really a nice movie, in my wildest dream would I ever think of a Jaden Smith and Cara cast will blend perfectly like it did. Sometimes parents don't know that a child also have dreams(mostly misdirected tho) Cuba Goodings Jr filled that overly zealous father role so well. Ultimately Will and Jada Pinkett produced that movie awesomely too.

Hello, I am not a fan of the movies where Jaden Smith appears, but to know that Cuba Goodling Jr, also that the plot promises something interesting.

I'll have to take a look at it to get a more objective opinion of the movie.


You just might like this one. I was surprised by his performance because I'm not generally a fan

I'll have to take a look at it, happy start to the week.

Mmh I must watch it ❤️